Winter Winning Ways on Westernport, Tassy & Port Phillip Bay



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Winter..'Brrrr' However Locally & Abroad, Fishing Has Been Great !!

Another outrageous sized BIG Squid from a recent Squid Charter on Westernport

As I write this report, I'm looking out at a cold and grey, highly wind filled sky. Winter has landed with a return to what I recall as a child. Cold days & plenty of regular rainfall keeping everything flushing through the systems nicely. Water storages levels statewide have increased dramatically this winter. Going on past seasons, the abundance of good winter rainfall can help increase the following seasons fishing locally.

These sudden but life giving downpours have seen an increase locally on Melbourne waters for guys fishing landbased for Mulloway. Over the past few weeks there has been quite a few reports of Mulloway being landed by those putting in the time in. For some the onset of shorter days & cooler weather heralds the end of their fishing or boating season.

For many years now we've come to embrace the winter months ahead as they've proven time & time again to provide quality fishing. Locally the last two & half months or so we've been doing a lot of Squid & Whiting charters both on Westernport & also along the Peninsula region of Southern Port Phillip Bay.

Now that we have passed the Winter Equinox for the year, each passing day will see a small addition to light increasing. Before too long, it will be spring again & so the seasons continue.

It's all up from here onwards !!

Some of the sessions we've had have been not only memorable, but also absolutley mindblowing. Particulary where BIG Squid are concerned.

Giant Cephaloplodicus from Westernport !!

Client Craig Pringle with an awesome display of Huge Westernport Squid available NOW !!

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Or Ph Shaun now !!

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Time & time again Think BIG has found monster Cephaloplodicus as they're now known as for clients.

Many clients are in awe at the size of these larger tidal winged cruisers.

Barrel Sized Southern Bluefin Tuna From Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania !!

Big Fish Chasers Rock Wyrsta & Ace Jase teamed up with the YoufishTV Crew onboard the Barcrusher 680HT & landed this Eaglehawk Neck Barrel SBT during May 2013.

Body scarring is from constant Seal attacks that are a problem encountered regularly around these waters when Tuna fishing. These sleek brown fur covered creatures delight in chasing & attacking hooked Tuna of all sizes. Often they end up winning, but in this case the boys were on top of the Seal's game so to speak.

YoufishTV has also been very busy in recent weeks on the Mega Thunnus trail along the east coast of Tasmania. With a skilfull & calculated approach, the team found a whole lot of action for the short time periods they were down there.

Local Whiting are Inviting & Exciting !!

Client Ollie with some very nice quality Whiting well over 40cm's from Portsea recently

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In all it has been a fulfilling & very busy past few months since the last report, so here's a rundown with what has been happening in recent weeks with Think BIG Charters & the YoufishTV Crew.

May & June Charter Report:

Cephalobirds Are Go >>

Client Craig Pringle with a sensational large Cephalopod from Westernport. Note rod in background. It's also attached firmly to another Giant Cephaloplodicus !!

As you'll see over the next few pics we've had some stunning results recently on BIG Squid.

Put simply Think BIG has witnessed more large BIG Squid in recent months than any other charter boat operating in Melbourne. This is no personal ego stroking claim. It is a clear message to everyone, our clients both new & ongoing that we know where to find BIG Squid. On an almost daily basis regardless of the sometimes inclement weather patterns of winter Think BIG has found the results & has had many happy clients who've now landed their personal bests.

If you have a yearning to fish for BIG Squid give Skipper 'Fruits' a call.

Ph Shaun now !!

'0423 696 061'

Shimano Sephia Egixile jigs have been working very well on all Squid charters


Client with a big Squid from the Portsea area on a recent Think BIG Whiting charter

Client William Wu displays a fine Calamari he caught while on a Think BIG Westernport Squid charter

William was on holidays recently from work here in Melbourne & came out with us 3 times within a week!!

Release the Mighty Kraken !!

Client Stephan Kydas almost offered three Hail Mary's when he hooked this Cephaloplodicus Gigantus !!

This Squid @ 56cm hood length, is probably the largest Cephalopod to be landed aboard Think BIG. We've witnessed some very good action on multiple large Squid on many recent Squid charters.

Heres another pic of this monster from Westernport

Fruits with a night time camo cruiser. Well into the 50cm hood range, this critter initially snaffled up a set bait for Gummy Shark in 12mtrs

This large Squid was switched onto a Sephia Egixile Jig in the proven 04T Natural Brown/Red Color. Having a rod ready to go for Squid can certainly pay off. We thought this Squid had eluded us after becoming shy when approaching the boat. After grasping firmly to a Gummy Shark bait on a conventional bottom rig. We had it almost within grabbing distance when it let go & was off. However a quickly placed cast behind the retreating Squid soon worked. Three seconds later it had lunged at the jig in the dark & was hooked up solidly.

Client Michael Remfrey looking very 'egified' in the latest Think Ink Hoodies. He's hooked up to a good sized Calamari that's heading west quickly when pic was shot.

These and other new design YoufishTV Hoodies are available from Lofty & the crew at Compleat Angler Ringwood . Suggest you contact them quickly as a lot were sold at the Melbourne Boat Show a few weeks ago. 

Once again the reliable Sephia Egixile Jig in 04T in size 3:5 with yet another fine capture on Westernport

Think BIG out & about on Westernport getting it's 'EGI On' during a Squid charter

PS: Thanks to Paul 'Egi Kuma' Carter & John 'Ebbtide Adventures' Cahill for the on water pic

Client Steve with his best for the morning landed on a Sephia 01T Orange Rainbow

Client Jay Loone travelled a fair haul from Werribee to join a recent Egi Charter & came up trumps!!

Client John Coleman recently landed his personal best Calamari aboard Think BIG

So as can be easily seen we've had some super Squid sessions over recent charters.

These are just a sample of pics from some of the Squid landed in recent weeks.

This could be you!!

If you've ever wanted to catch & learn more about these fascinating & amazing species.

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Or Ph Shaun now !!

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Whiting Are Biting & Very Inviting !! 

Longtime friend Neil Ogeary displays quality Winter Whiting from Southern Port Phillip Bay

The recent Whiting fishing has offered plenty of good action. As water temps drop away, many fish including Whiting do start to school up tighter. This is a bonus as when found like this good action can often follow. Every charter we've done on Whiting in recent weeks has been very productive. These fun filled charters are a great way to learn more on Whiting while also being treated to plenty of good sightseeing along the way. The entire region of the Peninsula along the area from Rye to Portsea is very scenic.

Client Joshua Deidun found himself covered in slime after a day out on the Whiting recently

Client Benny Zhou booked the boat with a group of friends recently for some Whiting & Squid action

What a handsome little fellow you are !!

This is a Red Mullet or Whiskered Goatfish. Often caught in the same areas as Whiting & almost as good on the eating scale. Some may even say better, particulary Greek or most Mediterranean fishos!!

We've seen quite high numbers of these fish on some outings.

Can't stop Neil when there's Whiting a biting, Here's another top haul from recent weeks.

We'll be offering Whiting charters until mid September.

For anyone thinking of booking a Think BIG Whiting charter, just follow the link below for further info.

Follow this link for Think BIG Whiting Charter Info, Rates & Dates Available

Or Ph Shaun now to book your Whiting Charter.

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While Winter Drags, Some Bag the Pags !!

Local resident from downtown Bloaterville, Peter Ferguson has been quietly chipping away on Westernport.

Fishing with Stuart Thornton & using freshly captured Squid, they soon found what they'd set out for in the form of this fine Snapper.

Not a bad effort at all considering the sub 11 degree water temps in many areas along the Nth Arm of the Port. In following days there were other reports of Snapper to 7kg also taken on Squid & other fresh bait offerings such as Salmon & Couta. Putting in the time & fishing flooding or rising tides with ultra fresh baits will help to locate these winter Snapper of Westernport.

Not too long now until Snapper season 2013 is on in earnest !!

To avoid missing out, consider booking your Think BIG Snapper Charter NOW !!

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Secret Silver Have Been Active Also!!

YoufishTV Crew member Robert Johnson or 'Jobert' is stoked with his first Melbourne Mulloway

They say good things take time....well take a bow Mr Johnson !!

I first met 'Jobert' in August 2011 at a Hastings 2.35am or so...

This guy arrived on a motorbike and proceeded to tell me about a Snapper he'd landed earlier that day.

Not much has changed since then, as he's just as crazy keen to fish at ANYTIME & ANYWHERE !!

This Mulloway although not the giant some may have been expecting, still rates highly as even at this size they are still one spooky species when it comes to putting a hook into them. For the record it was captured on light soft plastic tackle & was caught on a soft plastic & not bait as some may have thought.

From all of us here at Think BIG & YoufishTV, Very well done Jobert !!

You kept at it & persisted until you came up with the plum.

YoufishTV, Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania & Huge Barrel Sized Tuna!!

What it's all about. Big Southern Bluefin Tuna or Thunnus as we call them

Note also the long flurocarbon leader used.

Just one of many small changes the crew have utilised to very good effect in a fairly short time period.

Easy do's it while hooked on a barrel & filming for Youfish TV, Thanks again Goepel !!

It's of no secret these days of the phenomenal & remarkable Tuna fishing in Tasmania.

On average there are more 'barrel' sized Tuna sighted, hooked, lost or landed here per day than most other areas in Australia I can think of quickly. Sure Portland on the westcoast of Victoria can take a big pat on their back for exposing a lot of larger Tuna in recent years & again this past season.

However the Eaglehawk Neck region of the Apple Isle is fast becoming the goto location for a very good shot at a barrel or trophy sized Southern Bluefin Tuna. This season from May onwards Winga and the YoufishTV Crew were hot on the trail of the ravenous packs of pilchard gorging machines these larger Tuna are.

Through the excellent efforts of Toll Shipping the Barcrusher 680HT was soon secured & safe, to be set on a Bass Strait journey to Tasmania. Thanks also to the friendly Tasmanian folks who arranged safe storage for the boat whilst in Tasmania, it really has been appreciated.

Rather than stay for week at a time over in Tasmania, a logistical nightmare. The team came up with a better solution.They found that by good local reports via local charter operators such as Stu Nicholls from Doongara Charters. Closely studying altimetry & weather pattern charts, it helped to close the gap on the best timing for these beasts. It obviously worked as the guys were hooked up inside of an hour from leaving the boat ramp.

Amazing & Wild Rugged Scenery of Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania !!

Cape Pillar

This region is some of the most awe inspiring scenery ever.

300 mtr sheer vertical cliffs that plunge immediately into 80mtrs plus & deeper. Its around these prehistoric rock forms that the big Bluefin Tuna are fished for. Baitfish are very concentrated throughout here at times and this acts like a moving foodbelt for the protein crazed barrel sized Bluefin Tuna.

Stretch getting stretched....YoufishTV Crew member 'Dave Beardsworth Standing'

Well done Dave Standing, Winga, Goepel & crew. A great team effort pays off again!!

Happy times and an elated couple of good mates with a great capture !!

Tasman Island

To gauge the size of this Island plateau surrounded by steep dolerite cliffs, that lighthouse on top is a structure around 29 mtrs tall !

Coming home with dignity !!

The Barcrusher 680 HT has certainly been tested in all weather scenarios recently.

As expected it has handled everything it's been through with consumate ease & comfort.

On more than than one occasion Winga has spoken of the excellent dry & comfortable cabin area.

For long days offshore & for filming purposes, it really is a great setup & proven rig.

Oh and did I mention it looks fantastic too in it's 'stealthy black' livery.

Youfish TV has a New Team Member !!

Melanie & Winga showcase the New Shimano Stella 30000 at the Melbourne Boat Show

Everyone meet Melanie Adams.

We first met with Melanie at the recent 2013 Melbourne Boatshow.

Melanie is a keen and very active Olympic Pole Vaulter & has a figure & stunning looks to match.

She also happens to have a great personality & has grown up with fishing here in Melbourne with her family. When YoufishTV offered Melanie to help out with the new seasons filming, she accepted immediately !!

So it's off to the tackle shop we go >>

Tackle & treats to keep it all compleat

Lofty at Compleat Angler Ringwood soon kitted Melanie out with a pile of hot Shimano gear required for upcoming YoufishTV sessions.

Melanie out in the field & outfishing the crew !!

The YoufishTV crew soon had Melanie out and about with them. First session was a cruise along the docklands area of the Yarra River Melbourne in search of the elusive silver ghost of the estuary, Mulloway.

Unfortunately this day proved to be quiet on the Mulloway scene, however it didn't stop Melanie from landing this cheeky juvenile Australian Salmon & upstaging the boys for the day...Yes she caught, they did not !!

There is going to be some massive things happen this year through the lens of the YoufishTV crew, so stick around as it will be worth waiting for.

Until the next Think BIG Charter report, stay safe & true to yourself & others, fish hard & above all enjoy life.





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Autumn Days With Mild Sun Rays on Westernport & Port Phillip Bay


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As We Move Closer To May, There's Some Great Local Fishing In The Port & On Port Phillip Bay !! 


Team Snapper Hunt, Billie Wing-Smith & a very relieved & proud Dad Winga with the spoils of commitment & a dedicated approach on a recent Snapper sortie out on Port Phillip Bay. This solid Snapper was one of a number of fish landed during a top session. These fish took hours to locate via careful sounding & were hot to trot once the fresh Squid baits went in.

It would be fair to state that the vast majority of Victorian species/seasonal following fisherman are all hard on the heels amongst the current Southern Bluefin Tuna action happening right now along the West Coast of Victoria.

With a fantastic start to their season at Portland & also increasing action from nearby Port Fairy as well as a fair number of true 'Barrel' sized SBT from the mid 80kg range to a back straining 140kg mark landed in recent weeks. Its any wonder the focus for many has been somewhat Tunafied to a degree !!

Globetrotting Angler & resident Chicken & Chip Chookoligist Pete Ferguson along with Joseph 'have we got the camera' Fernand recently travelled over to Tasmania & fished with Doongara Charters. Although the larger 'Barrel SBT' were hard to find on the day, they did manage to snare a few chunky Tuna around the 30 kilo mark. 

Locally though, here on Westernport Think BIG has had some very consistent fishing for its clients! Some of the sessions on Gummy Sharks, Whiting & Huge Westernport Squid have been very memorable & above all very pleasing for our clients. Such has been the excellent fishing recently, that on quite a few occasions, clients have returned within days to do it all again with us. 

Whiting Have Been Exciting & Inviting For All Think BIG Clients !!

Client Laura Cottrill with a healthy handful of lovely Westernport Whiting

Follow this link for Think BIG Whiting Charter Info, Rates & Dates Available

Super Sized Westernport Cephalopods Rate Highly On Clients Bucket Lists !!

Client Stephen Field was stoked to land his so far personal best Hovercraft sized Squid. Check out further down in this report on the Huge Cephalopods we've been finding for clients in recent weeks.

Follow this link for Think BIG Squid Charter Info, Rates & Dates Available

Still Good Gummy Sharks Available in both Westernport & Port Phillip Bay !!

Boatside profile of an evening tidal stream cruising Gummy Shark

Follow this link for Think BIG Gummy Charter Info, Rates & Dates Available

Looking Forward....

The next 6 weeks should see some reliable fishing in Westernport as a lot of these fish will start to school up & slowly make their way further down the port.

This current action will slowly taper off as water temps start to drop away as Winter moves closer. However there is still some very good opportunities in coming months for some great fishing. Species such as Whiting, Gummy Sharks, the ever popular Squid, Snapper & of course the mighty Mulloway are all available to those prepared to put in the dedication & time required.

Contact our fulltime Think Big Skipper Shaun 'Fruits' Furtiere

Ph 0423 696 061 for any further info on any of our charters we offer.

March & April Charter Report:

The 'Goepel' with a solid pair of Autumn Snapper from the deeper 21 mtrs region off Mornington. These Snapper are available right now as bay temps start to drop. As you can see quality is what Autumn Snapper fishing is about & with the average weight around 5.5 kilo from this session, they're well worth spending the time on. Fresh baits such as locally caught Squid has been a top bait as well as the reliable whole W.A Pilchard.

Gerhard Sieber & crew had a top session on a number of Gummy Sharks. Here's one kept for the table.

Stephen Field really enjoys his Gummy Shark fishing & has been landing some nice ones recently.

Client Matt Allan is quite pleased with his first ever Gummy Shark. For a guy who's fished Sydney most of his life the recent move to Melbourne has seen a huge change in the fishing methods & species. 

Here's Greg Goepel again, 'pre beard trim' with another nice evening Gummy from a recent charter. We had 7 Gummy Shark all told on this charter, with a few kept for the table & clients electing to release the rest after a quick photo.

Later on during this charter, we had this sizable grinning 7 Gill Shark cause a lot of fun for all clients. At this size it's a team effort to haul them in for a quick pic. Regardless of what others may say, these spotted toothie slobs sure do pull some line when in shallow areas of 5-7mtrs.

Client Nathan Dyke & a quailty Western Ch Gummy taken on fresh Couta.

Here's an early morning Gummy Shark that was the result of sticking to a plan. Amongst 25 other boats in the immediate area, it was a fitting catch on what was a slower than usual morning.

Brandon Joel with a great sample of some of the quality Whiting that are about in Westernport at the moment.

 Client Mario loves getting in amongst a good Whiting bite & has seen some good trips with us in recent weeks

Clients David & Shelly Hooper recently had a one on one guide session aboard their boat for a lesson on Westernport Whiting & Squid. On the day there were some obliging fish about in very good sizes. Once again the fresh Mussel baits offered up were slurped down quickly.

Clients Peter Ratcliffe & Andrew with a sample of Whiting & Squid from a weekday charter

Steve Dumalowski & crew opted for a Cowes Jetty pickup as they've got a holiday house on Phillip Island. Turns out perfect as the guys took home a lovely feed of Whiting in good sizes too.

Craig Joel couldn't help himself & along with his son, jumped on for another crack on the spotted bones. Once again they all had a great time & also added some Big Squid to their bag. Nice going guys.

Did Someone Say BIG Squid ??

Young Tom Binns is a little bit awestruck at this huge beast hovercraft Calamari. Once again the very reliable Shimano Sephia Egixile Jig in size 3:0 in colour 04T(Brown/Red) has proven itself as a BIG Squid lure that time & time again has the larger Thug sized Cephalopods pouncing on heavily.

During the past 3-4 weeks Think BIG has seen some absolute champagne Squid fishing on Westernport. We've been amazed at the size & aggression of these camoflauged cruisers of the shallow banks. Like a lot of Squidding, finding them has been the key & we've had to persist some days to find the rod pulsing & line surging action that makes these Squid one of the most popular species to target in recent years. It's no exageration in saying these larger Squid of 1.5 to 2.5kg easily strip 20-40mtrs of line in surging pulses when hooked up. This has everyone cheering & smiling.

Yes Squidding is a lot of fun & we'll be offering Squid charters right through the cooler Winter months as there is some good action to be had in coming months.

On all Think BIG Squid charters, we offer premium squidding outfits with the Shimano Sephia BB Series of rods in both 709L & 800L matched to Shimano Ci4 Stradics in 2500 size. These beautifully balanced outfits are true EGI style outfits & are designed for Calamari. With their very slow, soft & forgiving parabolic taper made from 96% Carbon, they are just perfect to use on Squid & make it easy for novice or first time Cephalopodders to fish effectively straight away !!

Here's one pictured above next to some freshly shucked Mussels prior to a Whiting Charter. These outfits are in my mind, one of the better Whiting setups I've used in recent years, so they double up very nicely as a top allrounder for Westernport.  

Check out the pics below, these are just a sample of some of the larger hooded beasts we've encountered over the last month.

Brandon Joel pictured here with a sizeable Cephalopod landed inbetween some great Whiting action

Client Ivan Hendrawan is amazed at this his largest ever Squid taken from a depth of just 2.5mtrs

Belinda Yim plays it cool & is quietly stoked with a huge Calamari landed on a very windy morning session off Hastings.

Belinda's partner Michael Remfrey also had some rod pulsing fun on large Cephalopods, fantastic coloration on this one just in time for a pic.

Client Danni opted for a Sephia Egixile Jig & came up trumps with this quality Calamari

Client Stu Thornton with another Sephia Egixile caught Calamari. Once again on the ever reliable 04T colour jig.

Fruits even had a quick crack & soon found a pulser that took off into the breeze

Longtime friend & Think BIG client, Peter 'Its Gotta Be Red' Ferguson really do's enjoy most forms of fishing, but really gets excited when out amongst the Cephalopods. Here he is with one of many from a recent charter.

Doing what he loves, Ben Emery who has recently done quite a lot of Think BIG Charters as a deckhand has proven himself as a great team member who is always attending to something or cleaning up something. He never stops & I must say that it's great to have a friend & true team player such as you Ben as you're doing an amazing job.

Client Michael Kandanoleon with a large Cuttlefish landed amongst an active bite on big Squid

He soon was back into it & backed it up with fine Squid

All the way from Louisiana USA, Carlos along with a group of work colleagues from Boeing Aerospace Technologies Melbourne found some larger Squid in amongst some quality Whiting pretty hard to go past for a feed & a lot of fun.

Great sample of succulent Whiting from the lower reaches of Westernport

The good Dr Andrew Johnson with another personal best Calamari from a recent Squid charter.

The lovely Della Johnson also found her forte in extracting larger Squid than the guys !!

Hubby Matt Johnson was quick to respond & also found quite a few water surging pulsers too

Herman 'master egi whip' Cabral with another solid Squid landed on a recent Think BIG Squid charter

Fruits & Ben Emery snuck out for a quick few hours last week for a Whiting session. We had some very good quality fishing in a short hour & half session that yielded almost a baglimit, cant complain when you can be off the water in under 2 hours with a top feed.

Young Zak Izzard along with Mum & Dad got into a hot bite of excellent Whiting during the recent school holidays

Sometimes you see things that make you go 'huh'?? This greedy Whiting wasn't satisfied with just one Mussel bait & swam right across to the other side of the boat to engulf another clients bait. Was strange watching two clients battle the same fish...always something else to see out here...

Here's young Callan Albarenque with his first ever King George Whiting, well done Callan!!

Here he is again with a cute little Port Jackson Shark that snaffled up a Whiting bait

 Client Brenton Grice with a very nice Whiting indeed !

Client Stefan Kydas with a great sample of Whiting from Westernport

Fruits with a nice solid Spotted Bone amongst a hot bite of quality Whiting in good numbers

Finally I've Found Some Shimano Twinpower 10,000 SW-A Reels !!

Yes !! Finally !! We've secured a fleet of these high range & brutally strong Shimano Twinpower 10000 SW-A Spinning reels. Firstly there's 2 persons I need to thank for this happening.
Peter Ferguson & Matt Elliott, both of whom informed me of their very limited availability from Tackleworld Cranbourne.
When I saw the pic from the Tackleworld Facebook update that Matt had sent me early that afternoon, I rang them within seconds.

Very happy with these as will clients be on future Think BIG Charters.
These reels are just the best for any trophy species in Westernport & our coastal offshore species too !!
Thanks again guys, David Kramer, Scott Harper, Jarrod Day & everyone at Tackleworld Cranbourne.                 

I feel very excited to have secured these worldclass classics.
They really have created a fine piece of reliable workmanship with these reels. In recent years a good deal of all trophy sized Snapper, Gummy Sharks & Mulloway have been landed aboard Think BIG without incident on these reels. Then there is all of the Kingfish they've battled through, as well as topwater Tuna throwing stickbaits etc.

These reels will soon grace the rod rack on Think BIG on all Big Fish style charters. I'm pretty sure all clients using these fine reels will see the advantage of using a purpose built reel that can knockover any Westernport adversary including supersized Volkswagen sized rays with total ease.

So as you can see we've had a pretty full on past few weeks since the last Think BIG Report. In coming weeks we will be out on Westernport doing what we do best & finding the buckels & chuckles for all clients, both new & returning.

So stay tuned as there'll be some more great charters to report on.




With Summers Haze Slowly Drifting Away, Local Fishing Has Had Some Memorable Days


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Summer Days, Plenty of Big Great Greys & Exciting Whiting...It's all so Inviting.

As we move into the last month of our Summer season, Yes I know it's been ages since the last Think BIG Charter report, however I've been very busy !! Now however, I've finally found a bit of spare time to put forward a report & pictorial account of charters since the start of January 2013.

It's been a season of quite variable weather that's for sure, with many days of moderate to high winds hampering all boat fisho's. Constant strong easterly winds for what seem like weeks at a time have made it difficult on occasions. However we've seen some very good to absolute mind blowing fishing in many new areas on both Western Port & the southern tidal regions of neighbouring Port Phillip Bay.

Ben 'Toecutter' Emery & Matthew Elliott joined Skipper Fruits for a social fish recently & had a lot of fun with this BIG Gummy Shark before she was released gently back into Western Port.

Now Is The Time To Book Your Think BIG Gummy Charter !!

Follow this link for current & upcoming Think BIG Gummy Shark Charters

Clients Adam Mitchell & partner Amy Thomas with a beautifully dark hued Gummy Shark from Western Port

The next few months will see some huge Gummy Shark opportunites available. If you've ever wanted to learn more about these fascinating & very important parts of our local fishery, NOW !!  is the time to book your very own group or individual Think BIG Gummy Shark Charter.

Whiting Are Biting & Continue To Be Exciting !!

Follow this link for current & upcoming Think BIG Whiting & Mixed Species 8 Hour Charter dates 

An old friend who now resides on the Gold Coast Queensland, Alex Seretis with a great haul of succulent eating King George Whiting caught recently aboard Think BIG. (He's also rumored to be a Robert De Niro extra from time to time also)

This time of year is also an excellent time to book a Think BIG Whiting Charter. They're about in both good numbers & some excellent quality fish are also available. We offer Whiting Charters in both Western Port & also Port Phillip Bay with both the Southern Peninsula regions & the Western side of Port Phillip Bay around Werribee all good options to consider.

Please contact us via any of the options at the top or bottom of this report, or just ring Think BIG Charters Fulltime Skipper Shaun Furtiere direct for further info & details.

Think BIG Charters-Ph: 0423 696 061


January Charter Report:

Once again that cunning fox Andrew 'snorezy' Pawsey along with good mate Josh Fildes in his lovely & very fast Bass Strait 6 metre Ocean Pro, turned the tables the Seriola way & concentrated their efforts around some rocky areas locally outside of Western Port in Bass Strait. Some good management & teamwork saw them boat this very solid Yellowtail Kingfish on a live bait, well done guys !!

Wai Pui Lo (Benny) & crew had a top day out with a mixed bag of good sized Gummy Shark & a great haul of lovely Whiting.

Here's young Lachlan Roach from Kew with a huge Spotted Bone or King George Whiting from the Middle Spit area. Lachlan & his brother William along with Richard Gilham had a top session amongst Whiting like this & larger. At this size range of 44cm's plus they sure are a worthy capture on the light Shimano Sephia BB Egi Style rods matched up with Shimano Ci4 2500 Stradic Reels we use & recommend on all of our Think BIG Whiting & Squid Charters.

Client Chris Gilham also warmed to a good session on the spotted bones this day, even though we had a howling 25-30kn easterly wind making it slightly challenging !! Still the boys chipped away & produced a top feed.

Client Steve Dumalowski opted for a Cowes Jetty pick up, which have proven handy for anyone whose holidaying at Phillip Island & wishes to jump on a Think BIG Charter, yes we can pick you up & drop you off. Here's a sample from a great catch put together on a calm mornings Whiting charter.

Clients Troy & Natalie Wylie recently took the plunge & were up & ready for a 4am charter departure on Gummy Sharks. They weren't disappointed either with some great action for the both of them with excellent Gummy's landed.

Nice going Natalie, you should did show the guys how it's done !!

Longtime Think BIG Client & all round top guy Shaun Dennehy also was aboard this charter & added perfect eating/table sized Gummy Shark to the list of captures this trip.

Matthew Elliott aka 'Malliott' happened to find this nice Gummy Shark took a liking to his freshly cast Yakka chunk bait recently during an evening session with Skipper Shaun & good mate Benny Farrugia.


Michael Remfrey & good mate Steve found some multiple action on an evening Gummy Shark charter recently on a breezy night.

Adam Mitchell took time out to lend a hand on the deck on a Whiting charter & displays a few from a great catch put together by the clients.

Client Grant Jamieson also took the Cowes Jetty Pickup approach & had a good session on Whiting, with some of them landed just a few hundred metres from the jetty he was later dropped off onto..

Client David Albarenque (Albacore for short) struggles with a heavily pregnant Gummy Shark, soon released after pics were quickly snapped off. Along with Gummy Shark, quite a few more were landed this session. Here's Dave's friend Jacque pictured below with another hefty Gummy Shark.


David Albarenque again with another lovely Gummy Shark landed on the same charter.

Client Steve Schreider booked a group charter, & here's one of the guys with a moonlight bathed Gummy Shark that hit & ran like a freight train. Always a lot of fun when this happens.

Getting into the spirit of Australia Day, clients Ben Emery along with Helen & crew had a top session amongst a hungry bite of obliging Whiting. This was a memorable trip as Helen's crew had pretty much never fished before, let alone had so much fun light line action on these Whiting.

Hot on the heels of the Australia Day Whiting charter, Compleat Angler Ringwood store owner/manager Ian 'Lofty' Loft & a bunch of his fisho mates jumped on for a crack at the Whiting. Once again the fresh soft mussel found the action & everyone had a good feed to take home by charters end.

Closeup of one of Western Ports most highly regarded fresh baits. Silver Trevally are to be found in many areas of the Port & do make a great bait when targeting Gummy Shark & more recently have found to be a pretty reliable bait alternative when used in small strips for Whiting. Seems the larger Whiting everyone wants to latch onto have a penchant for a fresh offering of this.

Client Rob with his first real Gummy Shark on a recent Think BIG Charter. Had a number of similar sized Gummy Shark this trip which made for some fun moments as always.

Clients Jason & Jody along with their young son Joshua pictured here with a solid armful of big 40cm plus Whiting from the deeper 12mtr areas of Western Port. They sure are a good fish to target at this size.

Local long time Melbourne based Lead Guitarist Dan Max joined a Think BIG Gummy Charter & found some great action and also picked some good tips. Dan's got a band known as 'Dan Max & The Gummy Sharks'..True story..They often play at the Balnarring Town Hall & have a lot of fun playing popular favorite rock hits...

Client Jensen Rozario along with his lovely wife Natalia had some top fun wrestling Gummys that first started out at a mild size, but before too long soon became wild size as you'll see below.

Here's clients Jason Jones along with Ben Emery who have wrestled this large Gummy Shark just so we could snap off a quick few pics. This Gummy Shark was a real line burner & took an insane amount of line against a very firm drag setting before being turned & lead back to the boat. Was soon released after these pics.  

Dan Max came out on a Think BIG Gummy charter the evening before this pic was taken.

Saw how its done, caught a great Gummy himself & enjoyed the trip.
He said he was keen to fish the next eve.
Finally when I did get to bed, I sent him a txt at 3:15am in the morn, (before I had the best sleep in 5 days after all the charters over the last week lol)
Anyway I had said exactly what to do to get a Gummy and where to go.
I'd said to be at an area ready to fish at 9:55pm tomorrow night.

I receive a txt at 9:56pm saying yeah we are here.
I said it'll happen after 30-40mins
I receive a txt 35mins later saying they've "Just landed a huge one & released it nicely after swimming her into the current properly as shown on the Think BIG Charter"

Yes Dan, a 'Max' Gummy if I do say so myself mate !!!

Soon after this, I receive another txt.
Another huge Gummy had given them the second crazy excitement of what is BIG Gummy Shark fishing 'Think BIG style on Western Port.

Again it was released unharmed other than a bit of a starry eyed look after a few quick pics.
Very Well done Dan & Jay !!

Once again Ben Emery is amongst the heavyweights of the Gummy Shark world & really is struggling here to hold the bulk of this supersized Gummy Shark caught during the wee hours in the tidal areas of Southern Port Phillip Bay. This Gummy was the result of some dedicated sounding of a particular area before anchoring up. It proved to be spot on as this big girl was on the bait within 15 mins of dropping a selection of 4 baits into the darkness. Estimated weight was somewhere around the mid 20kg range..As Ben is a concretor & is often lifting heavy cement bags about daily, he certainly didn't say this Gummy was any lighter than his typical workloads..

This session carried on nicely with more Gummy Sharks homing in on our baits.

Even Skipper Shaun had time to land a Gummy of his own, something he hasn't done much lately as he's too busy looking after the clients for the most part. This Gummy Shark of a conservative 16-17kg, hit a bait as the bait was being wound in. We'd planned to go home after a top session, & this welcome grey beast came along to improve the night just that one more notch..Was soon released after this pic was taken.

February Charter Report:

Client Adam Mitchell arranged some good mates to join him on his Birthday charter recently. We fished Port Phillip Bay for this charter & once again found some excellent big Gummy Shark action for the guys.

Nice going Adam & crew. Nice release also !!

Client Gerhard Sieber along with some close family relations on holidays all the way from Germany got amongst a hot bite of ravenous Whiting on a very windy afternoon out on Western Port. This group haven't done a great deal of fishing at all, but soon learnt the delicate art of hooking these finicky, tap-tap bite specialists after a bit of guidance.

Client George Garaganoulis along with Shane Watkins & crew had a lot of fun on Gummy Shark to 8kg or so during an afternoon/evening session.

Client Stu Thornton along with good friend Ches Trulson booked the boat for Stu's Birthday bash. Gummy Shark was the brief from Stu, & when I mentioned we may do Port Phillip Bay, this was exactly what he'd wanted to pursue. This big Gummy was a hard fish to pick initially as it didn't race off as per usual, but it sure slugged it out deep before being netted boatside. Was soon released after some deckwash revival & a swim next to the boat to ensure a safe release.

Client Ches Trulson holds a solid pre dawn Gummy Shark after the earlier craziness during the dark hours.

Client Stu Thornton also had more hard running buckling Shimano outfits to contend with when this large Gummy Shark hit a fresh bait & was off into the current !!

Clients Matt & Andrew Johnson, Michael Duclos & Jarrad Evans found some light line action pleasing on a recent Whiting charter on Western Port. (Winner of the 'I'm so wrapped in Whiting fishing I look drunk in this pic award' go's to Jarrad Evans)

Client Jarrad Evans displays a good handful of quality Western Port mussel slurpers.

All hands on deck !!, Here's Jimmy & crew along with Ben Emery hidden up the back all helping to hold this Gummy Shark. The guys were a very funny bunch here on holiday all the way from Hong Kong & had a ball with several good Gummy's on this charter.

Here's another view of this Gummy landed just before the sun dropped away.


Nice table sized Gummy Shark for Jimmy & crew.

Here's client Jimmy who arranged this Think BIG Gummy Charter, who after letting his mates land a few Gummy's, finally stepped up to the plate & had some fun himself.

Adam Mitchell & his lovely partner Amy recently chartered Think BIG for a mixed species 8 hour charter on Western Port. Having perfect weather & calm seas really does help to make the day memorable. So after some quality Flathead were first landed, then some fun on assorted Salmon, Yakka's, Cowanyoung & Slimy Mackeral on lures, we slipped into the Flinders area & found some obliging Squid eager to snaffle up our slow drifted jigs.

As the tide was approaching, I suggested we make a move to try for some Gummy Sharks.

Look what the tide dragged in !!..This dark hued beast Gummy Shark was a huge higlight for the day, with Amy Thomas pictured at rear doing here best to land this great Gummy. Top effort Amy & great to see both you & Adam hold it for a quick few picks before release.


Special thanks for above pic here, goes to Kosta Linardos of 'Hooked Up Magazine' fame. He just happened to be travelling past & slowed as we were in the closing stages of landing this Gummy Shark. Some great pictures were snapped off by Kosta & were very much appreciated when I received them later via email. Thanks again Kosta, It's not always easy having pics taken from another vessel while on the water.

Adam was soon amongst more action with this Gummy Shark that bounced a few times then took off like a cracker!!

Ex Melbourne resident Alex Seretis (Robert De Niro or Al Pacino to some) flew down from his QLD based home for a family wedding, & ensured he had some spare time to join reg Think BIG client Colin Sires for a dig on the Whiting. Western Port was the scene for this charter & the guys put together a nice haul of some very good sized Whiting to over 45cm's !!

Hows this for a Western Port Flathead !! Client Heath Verhey along with a group of his mates booked a Gummy Shark trip & were pleasantly suprised (read over the moon) when this hefty frog turned up boatside. At 70cm's plus it certainly was the largest Flathead I've seen come aboard Think BIG so far.

Moving into the dark of night, & we had great quality Gummy Sharks hitting fresh baits I'd set for the clients.


A closer view of this Gummy Shark. These clients had a great time with several good Gummy Shark landed, with some released & some kept for a feed.

Client Heath Browne who had a Think BIG Charter Gift Voucher Certificate given to him for a Christmas present, soon rounded up a few mates to join him on a dedicated Think BIG Gummy Shark Charter. He was pretty stoked to land his personal best Gummy Shark & release her after a few pics were snapped off.

Client Brad along with Heath Browne, soon had his turn at a good sized Gummy Shark that really did do a Tony Grieg & 'ran Haurd & Fauust', before finally being brought back boatside for netting.

Team 'Toecutter' Emery & Malliott with a large Gummy Shark from a recent session on Western Port.

So as you can see, it's been a busy & very productive start to 2013 aboard Think BIG with many happy & often returning clients. In coming weeks we'll continue to provide a great personal service on all our upcoming charters & will be fishing hard as always to gather the results for our great & growing client base.

If you've got any desire to learn more about our local fishing as well as having a high chance at obtaining a personal best species, Just give us a call for further info, rates & charter dates available. 




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Spring Has Arrived & So Has Snapper Season 2012


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Where Winter Left Off, Spring Quickly Picked Up Any Slack:

While some people traditionally slow up their fishing activities somewhere around late May or June. The fisho's who kept on fishing through were rewarded with some simply stunning fishing!

Put it like this, when you are receiving almost daily reports & pictures of quality Snapper in numbers in mid July & August you tend to listen. Fact is these days there are more anglers prepared to fish into the colder times & put in the time locating these Snapper. The rewards follow when further time is invested fishing for these fish. 


Winga with a solid Port Phillip Bay Snapper on the nighshift with Warren Carter aboard the Youboat

Skipper Shaun (Fruits) has also had some quality Snapper on recent Think BIG Charters in both Port Phillip Bay & Western Port

Whiting too have remained very reliable throughout Winter particularly along the Southern Peninsula region of Port Phillip Bay. With many of these Whiting around the 36-41cm range, these are every bit as good quality as you would encounter during the height of Summer Whiting sessions.

Davy, Pj, John & Richard recently had a great mornings light line action amongst those tasty spotted Whiting of the Southern Peninsula Port Phillip Bay region.

Gummy Sharks were also a highlight in recent weeks, although we are focussing pretty hard on Snapper fishing from now until Christmas time.

Big Gummy, Big Smiles from a very satisfied Winga

Winga was pretty stoked to land this BIG Gummy this week while seeking out Western Port Snapper, & although they also found Snapper to 5kg on this session, it was good to return to the old Salty Dog days of yore with Warren Carter & this beautiful genuine 20kg plus Gummy Shark.

Client Jane with a Huge Female Gummy Shark around the 24kg range !!(was released soon after pic)

It's an exciting time ahead over the next few months as many other fishos will no doubt understand. The next 6 weeks or so will see some great Snapper action in both Western Port & Port Phillip Bay. We currently have dates available for both Oct & Nov for Snapper Charters. Check out our Snapper Trips Link for dates available from now until Christmas.

As always we'll be where the hottest action is coming from & being mobile can operate at short notice from a range of boat ramps if required. Recently we had our charter vessel Think BIG pass it's annual survey inline with Transport Services Victoria requirements. Also we have treated her to a full on detail & polish courtesy of JT Fibreglass Products Bayswater  The end result was fantastic & we urge anyone who requires any fibreglass repairs or restoration work to give Jason & his lovely partner Michelle a call for further info.

Snapper in Western Port & Port Phillip Bay:

The season hardly ended looking back with many anglers continuing on & finding good results in both bays. Team member Peter Ferguson has really put in some time over the last few months & has come up with the goods on a number of sessions. As is per usual at this time of year, most Snapper are of a better size than we'll see in a few weeks time. Snapper from 5-7kg and higher have been reported in both Western Port & Port Phillip Bay.

Pete aka 'Gotta Be Red' aboard the Youfish TV Barcrusher with an example of Western Port Nightshift Snapper currently available (Ok so they may not have a strange looking undershot bottom jaw like this model, but you never know your luck in a big sea!!) Bait used fresh Squid

Port Phillip Snapper on a glassed out weekday charter in early September

Gippsland angler & keen Snapper chaser all over the state, Rodney Gilham stepped up to the plate of fishing Port Phillip Bay recently aboard Think BIG. This Snapper just shy of 5kg was a nice season opener for both Rodney & Think BIG !!

Client Gary Wood has first crack at our new range of Port Phillip Bay Shimano Snapper Outfits

Supplied by Lofty from Compleat Angler Ringwood These outfits really fit the bill for slow water Snapper fishing & are nicely balanced with the recently introduced Shimano OC 6000 series of Baitrunner style reels. In coming months I'll be reporting back on these outfits as I'm sure they'll see plenty of Snapper action.

Gary with 5kg of angry Port Phillip Bay Snapper that engulfed a whole Pilchard.

Another good buckle as a Port Phillip Snapper gets strapping

5kg of crimson Snapper, bait this time was a whole Pilchard

Something else we've been trialling on the charter boat this past few weeks is hooks. Decoy brand hooks from Compleat Angler Ringwood have so far been very reliable with a great hookup rate. Available in both Octopus & Circle pattern, they represent excellent value compared to the recent rise in prices on other popular brand hooks.

Decoy Octopus Pattern 5/0 Snapper hooks

Perfect for slow water Snapper either used as a single pattern or the very popular & proven twin snelled setup.   

Decoy Circle Pattern 5/0 hooks.

In coming weeks these Circle Pattern hooks will be used extensively throughout Western Port. 

Regular Client Adam Mitchell with his & Think BIG's first Western Port Snapper for 2012

Notice the hook pinned right on edge of the outer lip, testament to two things. New sharp hooks always & be prepared to hit these fish quickly as they can be shy while temps are slowly climbing.

Original Salty Dog member & allround amazing angler Warren Carter holds a hefty Port Phillip Snapper

Winga & Carter found some hot Snapper action recently in Port Phillip Bay

Then they backed this up a few days later on another evening Western Port session. As always ultra fresh Squid is & always will be the best possible choice for consitency in Western Port.

Western Port BIG Fish magnet Warren Carter & a lovely hued Snapper onboard the Youboat Barcrusher

So with average water temps in Western Port up around the mid 13 degree mark & occasionally higher, it's only a matter of a short week or two until we'll find more consistent fishing. In neighbouring Port Phillip Bay average temps are around the mid 13 degree's range also, particularly out in the deeper areas. Again action will improve at a similar rate.

Speaking of Port Phillip Bay, there was a huge sigh of relief amongst thousand of Melbourne Snapper anglers & charter operators alike recently. News quickly filtered through of the announcement that Lynette & Trevor Hogan would once again be operating their highly successful & friendly business known as Launching Way This ramp complex is without a doubt Melbournes premier launch facillity on the eastern seaboard of Port Phillip Bay. Congratulations Lynette & Trevor, you've got the support of thousands !!

Youfish TV Snapper Talk Night:

Yes for just One Night Only!! We are offering an open forum style Snapper talk.

Further Information & Booking Details can be found here

This will be the Only Snapper based Talk Winga & Crew will be offering for 2012, so book now or missout!!

Super Trawler Rally:

Saturday the 1st September also revealed another strong case by people from all walks of life both locally & nationally. A rally was soon organised here in Melbourne & with further follow up ph calls & many emails to many members of Parliament, justice for the short term seems to have prevailed. The untiring efforts of people such as Dale McClelland & Daniel Stanilovic amongst countless others must be recognised as many people were informed of this Super Trawlers proposed activities by these people.

YOUFISH TV & New Zealand's Monster Bluefin Tuna:

Recently the Youfish team headed over the ditch so to speak & soon checked into New Zealand territory. Big Bluefin Tuna were the drawcard & with a window of perfect weather Winga was soon tight to a Tuna of immense proportions.

This Tuna with a heart bigger than Phar Lap's wasn't going to come easy as everyone was soon to find out!! A staggering 7 HOURS!! was the total fight time of this amazing 650lb plus capture. It will be airing shortly on Ch 31 & we'll keep everyone updated to actual dates.

Check that drag setting!!...the hurt is happening...

Tiagra working out hard with a 35kg drag setting against one very very strong hearted Tuna !!

Hydration stop & a will to keep on pushing

Finally boatside & very similar looking to classic Murray Bros pics of large Bluefin Tuna from the Bahama's

A totally exhausted & much relieved Winga & one very Big hearted Tuna onboard one of New Zealands top BIG Tuna charter boats the 'Covarose', somewhere wide off Greymouth New Zealand

Youfish TV Continues To Grow !! :

A few weeks back the Youfish TV Crew took delivery of a brand new Barcrusher 535XS Centre Console. This stealthy fast weapon is to be a fill in boat until the keenly anticipated new 670 Barcrusher Hardtop arrives in a few more weeks. This smaller vessel will allow longtime Youfish TV Cameraman Joseph Fernand to continue on & film the upcoming Spring Snapper action over coming months.

Joseph Fernand congratulates the Team from Barcrusher, Owners Peter & Warren Cleeland & Sales Manager Matthew Urzia on delivery of Youfish TV's new filming vessel.

The New 535 XS Wave Crusher is filling it's role very nicely. Here's Joseph with his Father Guy with their first official Snapper for the season out from Hastings, Western Port.

Youfish TV Assistant Sean Hildyard didn't mess about with some Big Squid on Western Port this week while out with Joeseph on the 535 XS

As this vessel is a centre console, having no cabin it maintains a slower drift, this is proving successful on recent Western Port Squid sessions.     

Joseph's Uncle, Tony also has found some very good size Calamari on recent sessions

Western Port Gummys:

Our charter clients have experienced some fantastic & memorable sessions over past weeks on Western Port Gummy Sharks of all sizes.

Sisters are doing it for themselves !! Jane & Emilie with a Big Gummy Shark from the Western Channel region of Western Port

Adam Mitchell had his mate Mohammed onboard one evening & had his arms very full with this Big Gummy of a conservative 23-24kg's weight, was soon released after pics.

Client Shane from local Carrum Downs Tattoo Studio Scarred for Life with a typical Spring Gummy Shark

Smaller sportier Gummy Sharks of 4-8kg have shown up also when targeting Snapper & make a welcome addition to clients captures

Long time Think BIG Client & allround top guy Colin Sires, aka Colsa is dwarfed in the middle here by a sizeable Seven Gill Shark that he landed after many encounters over the years ending in severed leaders.

Yes Large Seven Gill Sharks have also been active during the colder times of late July & August. They generally find Gummy baits irresistable & can sometimes be a nuisance as they often sever mono leaders we prefer to use.

 Severed leader can be clealry seen on bottom jaw of this 7 Gill Shark

Emilie, her father & brother all help to hold this fair sized 7 Gill Shark

Winter Whiting Continue On Biting & Fighting:

This Winter has been a memorable one from a Whiting anglers point of view. Past seasons have seen good recuitment from previous egg spawn drops well offshore. The result is higher numbers locally & this has seen a bumper extended Whiting season that traditionally slows up somewhere around late May & on through June. The Southern tidal regions of Port Phillip Bay have been fishing well. Indented Head, St Leonards & Sorrento, Rye & Portsea have all produced excellent quality Whiting.

Our Think BIG mechanic & serviceman Alan, recently found time to land a few Whiting onboard the boat he services

Meet Alan Heib everyone, Alan is a qualified marine mechanic who keeps Think BIG in tip top shape. The efforts of this man have not gone unnoticed as time & time again he will go far & beyond the typical role of a marine mechanic. Thanks again Alan you're a huge credit to the industry.

Alan can be contacted at his business Southside Marine Services for all manner of marine based repairs & servicing on both boats & trailers. Having recently aquired new premises, He'll be happy to discuss any marine servicing or repair requirements.

 Regular Think BIG Client Steve Dumalowski with a nice feed of Whiting recently on a windy day.

Regular Think BIG Client Stu Thornton also found the action hot to trot during an afternoon charter

Ben Emery who is another face often seen on Think BIG Charters with a grin from ear to ear holding a plump assortment of Whiting

Della Johnson holds a nice Calamari landed prior to some Whiting fishing later on

Client Pam all rugged up on a chilly morning with a quality Spring Squid

So the girls, Della, Melissa & Pam got the invite from Ben Emery & Matt Johnson to come on a Think BIG Whiting Charter...Looks like they cleaned the boys right up !!

Regular Clown & Think BIG Client Davy gives a small Red Mullet or 'Barbounya' as the Greek community call them a farewell kiss before release...Happy to report the Red Mullet survived this Irish smooch !!

Longtime Think BIG & Youfish TV Fan Shaun (let me test the waters) Dennehy with a quality Squid

Some quality Flathead have also been showing up over recent weeks on Whiting Charters

Shaun Dennehy with another example of Southern Port Phillip Bay Flathead on light tackle

Mixed group of mates from inner Melbourne had a fun day & took home a great feed

So as you can see we have been fairing well all over in many locations & on many different & popular species. In coming weeks Snapper will be the big news all over Melbourne. We'll be right on the trail of these fantastic & hard fighting red hued species right up until Christmas & then again in late February.

For anyone considering a Think BIG Charter on Snapper or any of the other species we offer, please do not hesitate in contacting Shaun either by mobile 0423 696 061 or Facebook for further details & info.

God Bless & Thanks,




Back From The West Coast & Home Again On Western Port 


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Chilly Weather Patterns with Plenty of Action for All !!

With Winter air & water temps well & truly settled in. Days will now start to get longer as we've recently passed the Winter Solstice. As we move closer to Spring we reach a time of our season where we can reflect back on not only the past few months of fishing, but also what lays ahead in the next few weeks & upcoming months.Overall it's been a massive season for all both inshore within Western Port & Port Phillip Bay as well as offshore.

This years Tuna run along the Westcoast of Victoria could be summed up as perfect one day & frustrating the next. Further Nth along the Sthn N.S.W region of Bermagui, there has also been some exceptional fishing for med to large Southern Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna.

Locally we've had some great fishing on Western Port both recently & a month or so ago with quality Gummy Sharks of all sizes keeping clients smiling & returning for another charter.

Portland & Port Fairy 


Going on past seasons down this part of the coast, this years was a mixture of more inclement weather patterns than usual. This was coupled with some tougher than normal days Tuna wise. Although we did manage to find & catch Tuna on most charters. Locating them somedays was trying, with small pods on plenty of occasions. While on other days larger schools could be sighted with ease.

Average depths we fished for the majority of our charters was 40 to 60mt. On occasions there was some amazing inshore action at nearby Warrnambool & Port Fairy, with the 'Bool' as it's known locally really going 'off' as we say.

Some days saw large amounts of Tuna within 2km or less of the Warrnambool breakwater. Pretty special, but given the absolute ideal currents & bait that was here for weeks. The action was on for at least a 6 week period & sometimes for days on end...Not bad for a 3hr drive from Melbourne.

Small lures dominated most catches on both charter & rec boats & with brands such as Black Magic Jetsetters & Tsutumo Tuna Bullets working well for us.

However it was the use of stickbaits & casting at surface busting pods of these sometimes finicky Tuna that saw some terrific sessions.

Winga & regular YouFishTV camerman Joseph 'I gotta get to a gig' Fernand were lucky enough to capture some of this amazing topwater action on camera off Port Fairy recently. Check it & many more memorable YouFishTV episodes on our BigFishChannel on Youtube here.

Keen Melbourne fisho Mark Sullivan & crew also had a very memorable late afternoon 'Stickbait' session off Pt Fairy & absolutely creamed a patch of ravenous school Bluefin Tuna. They easily accounted for near 20 landed & released most of these, keeping just a few for a feed. Great going guys !!

The much talked about & very very effective Shimano Ocea Stickbaits. These are what Winga, Sully & the rest of the YouFishTV & Think BIG crew have been using for topwater Tuna. They'll often outfish conventional trolling methods when Tuna are feeding on small bait in tight pods.

Warrnambool Anglers Rally For Boat Ramp Upgrade 

In passing weeks there has been a concerted effort by many Western District locals & keen anglers from Melbourne, who are concerned about the current state of the Warrnambool public boat ramp. There has been a major push by many motivated & passionate anglers & non anglers also to upgrade this ramp in the near future.

Currently it suffers from severe wave surge & it is hoped the local council will attend to the matter, sooner than later. Local Warnambool people such as Martin Ellul, Steve Moore & Lucas Wilson to name just a few, have done a huge amount of work for this cause & deserve a very warm thank you.

Again guys & girls, & everyone who has helped here, Thank you all.

Portland & Port Fairy Report

A BIG Thank You also to Jason Turner of Pro Red Fishing Charters for allowing us to charter his 7mtr vessel whilst on the Westcoast. Jason has been in Thailand the past few months and will soon be back in Melbourne.

Part time Think BIG Deckhand Matt Elliott 'Malliot', came down to lend a hand. Here's a chunky Southern Bluefin Tuna landed just out from Cape Nelson Lighthouse in 70mtrs

Tuna landed on a Cranbourne Tackleworld Bolt Mystique diving lure shown below. This lure accounted for many Tuna & was often the first to be hit somedays, well worth having in your spread & very well priced too.

Rigging wise, like many we dispense with the factory fitted trebles & fit a single hook either at the rear as in this case or on the forward hook eyelet. They work very well set up like this & rarely miss on hookup or during the ensuing fight. 

Match the hatch they say..Another reason Pilchard style profile lures work, have a look at these almost perfect Pilchards that were removed from the Tuna in the foreground. Any wonder these Southern Bluefin Tuna grow so fast initially, after gorging on Pilchards in these numbers.

 Vibrant colors fresh out of the Southern Ocean

Triple strike action for these three guys, caused a lot of laughs & a bit of dancing about the deck until gear was sorted

Harley from Compleat Angler Dandenong made the trip down for the Queens Birthday Monday & had a good trip out off Port Fairy

More pics from our Portland & Port Fairy Tuna Charters can be found here

YouFishTV Bermagui Bluefin Bonanza

This year almost to the same dates as last year these big Bluefin Tuna arrived. Over the last fortnight or so they have since migrated further north around Sydney. Currently there still is a sensational run of Winter Southern Bluefin Tuna up there.

Hot on the tail end of a memorable Sth Coast Yellowfin Tuna season, these Bluefin were almost lining up at the back of some anglers transoms on occasions. It must also be said that these Tuna, particularly the larger Bluefin were well offshore. Somewhere around the 30-50 Nautical Mile range (56-110kms).

At extreme long ranges such as these, trailerboat safety & careful planning is paramount with good VHF Radio contact & surplus fuel required. Stable weather patterns are also needed as it's an awful long haul back to inshore waters if it turns sour quickly.

The YouFishTV Crew of Rodney Gillham, Ben Kiggins, Chris 'Rock' Wyrsta & of course Winga got the word & area via some local reports & astute use of Ripcharts. Soon they were rolling East through the night air enroute to Bermagui. Once they had travelled out well offshore, signs soon started to show & it wasn't too long before action was found. 

Typical 35kg Southern Bluefin Tuna the crew found first up while trolling. Once located a selection of methods were trialled. Such as casting the increasingly popular Shimano Ocea Stickbaits & also the tried & proven method of cubing or chunking as it's known in the States.

These Tuna were sometimes very obliging for some crews & could be seen on the surface feeding heavily for hours on some days. This was the start of things to come as over the next week or so, the bottom opened up & the BIG kahuna's really broke loose!!

There were some amazing captures of Tuna around the 80-120kg & higher bracket by some very fortunate & well prepared anglers. Dave 'Osvaldo' Standing & crew also got amongst some memorable topwater action on ravenous Bluefin all around the 35-45kg range & witnessed some monster Tuna of 120kg plus being weighed at Bermagui.

Winga & another 45kg or so Southern Bluefin captured jigging after locating them on the sounder  

Ben Kiggins with a solid Bluefin on a big day on the 'Fin' aboard the YouFishTV 670 Barcrusher.

New Seasons YouFishTV & Think BIG Clothing Is Here !!

Yes they've finally arrived & well lets say it was worth the wait as they have been very well received by many YouFishTV fans & Think BIG clients, both new & old. Here's a pic of the Hoody top available.


Released just a week ago at this years Melbourne Boat Show, they have been popular & are perfectly designed for fishing & above all are comfy & warm. Ideal this time of year !!

For info, pricing & ordering of these & more of our new range of YouFishTV & Think BIG clothing, DVD'S & apparel items, please visit our new online YouFishTV Store here .

All hands on deck!! The Barcrusher stand was our area again this year & as you can see got a bit busy during certain times over the weekend. We pretty much sold out of most clothing stock, especially the pink color designs. These were an instant hit with many of the fairer sex.

We'd personally like to thank both Barcrusher for there continuing support & commitment to both YouFishTV & Think BIG as well as the huge crowds of genuine fans & friends who made this Melbourne Boat Show a very memorable & happy event. Well done & BIG thankyou to one & all !!

Earlier on in this report I mentioned Paul Worstelings Cranbourne Tackleworld. Recently we've been added to their new season 2012/2013 Tide Guide & have become a sponsor. Along with many other Melbourne based charter boats, who are also associated with Tackleworld.

We are now able to offer clients an already well known & hugely successful tackle shop to go to within the Cranbourne/Berwick/Langwarrin area.

Saying hello & mentioning Think BIG Charters will most probably lead to a discount by the friendly, helpful & informative staff on items purchased, so it's a win win situation for all.

For the latest great tackle & fishing gear on offer at Paul Worstelings Cranbourne Tackleworld, look here.


Western Port

Prior to the excitement of offshore Tuna fishing, back home on local waters we have seen another fantastic Autumn move into Winter. Once again we've experienced some very good sessions on those grey tidal crusing predators known simply as Gummys.

These Gummy Sharks have provided many sessions for happy clients & more often than not they are a first for these people. I doubt I'll ever tire from seeing the look of success & content on a clients face after a good sized Gummy arrives boatside. To me it really is special as it's this moment anglers all over know only to well.

Now that we are back in Melbourne, Gummy charters have & will continue on throughout July, August & will run until mid to late September. By then Snapper fever or as a good friend of mine calls it 'Snappermatosis' will be starting to show in earnest, in many thousands of Melbourne anglers hearts & minds.

To find out more info, dates available or bookings for our Gummy Charters, look here.


Fruits & a lovely well marked Gummy Shark that was released after pic

Matthew Elliott & Fruits made a quick decision Friday arvo to sneak out on Western Port for a few hours on the Gummys. Fishing an ebb tide using small chunk baits from fresh Yakka, the first Gummy at a shade over 10kg was soon released after a pic.

Hood in a Hoody & a Fri evening Gummy Shark

The new Think BIG Hoodys also got the thumbs up & have proven quite warm & comfortable in the chilly evening air & here's Malliot sporting one along with a solid Gummy that slammed a bait that was in the water for all of 12 seconds max.

Didn't muck about either & raced off with the tide a fair distance too. A 3rd Gummy was also landed during this quick but fun & productive session before heading back to Stony Pt.

Meg & hubby John had a great evening Gummy charter a few weeks back & succeeded in landing this fine pair at the same time!! Meg & some other friends have since returned & once again had a great charter with some excellent Gummy Sharks landed for the session.

Adam who happens to work alongside Meg at a busy hospital in Mebourne also had his arms full with this great grey sub. This was another classic hard running Gummy & so far a personal first & best for him. Shortly after this pic was taken, he soon swam her gently boatside, before watching her swim back off into the darkness. Nice one Adam & hurry back from the U.K mate, we're all missing you ;)

Ryan was also aboard this charter & added hard running quality Gummy Sharks to his list of recent captures. Ryan also took part in a couple of Think BIG Tuna charters out west & had some fun on even faster fish.

Another regular Think Big client Jarrad was out with us recently. Just like his last Gummy charter he soon noticed a familiar tap/bounce, lunge on an outfit infront of him. This tidy Gummy was the result.

Adam Mitchell had a productive Gummy charter recently & also spent some time with us on the West Coast on a couple of Tuna Charters. He'll be back out again shortly on another Western Port Gummy Charter.

Now heres a good looking pair. Darren Gheblik is also a huge fan of nocturnal Gummy charters & found this great sized Gummy a lot of fun a few weeks ago.

Brody Connelly has spent a fair bit of time with us lately. First on an evening Gummy Shark charter then a week or two later, he travelled down to Portland & racked up a few days with us offshore.

Mary who's a good friend of another reg Think BIG client Steve Fields, joined us for a session on Gummys. She soon jumped up as the 1st rod rattled & rolled not too far into the flood tide. Great table sized Gummy Shark was the result & Mary was very happy indeed.

Steevo as he's known to his mates also went home with a nice feed of fresh Gummy Shark. At the 6-8kg range they sure are one of the better eating species swimming around our waters. Some rate it the best there is to eat....and well I couldn't agree more especially when done in a light beer batter...

Yummy !! Did someone mention beer battered Gummy ?

Yes it really does taste as good as it looks..Cooked quickly in clean fresh hot oil with a light beer batter coating, It's pretty hard to beat with a simple salad & a few chips...Great Winter & Summer treat. 

Kathy joined friend Meg & a few others for a crack at outdoing the boys. She didn't have to wait too long either & soon gave the guys a good natured ribbing for landing this Gummy Shark.

Meet Des everybody, Des is in the perfect business to accompany this ideal eater size Gummy landed last week. He runs a very busy & successful potato farm near Thorpdale (The Australian Potato Growing Capital) in Eastern Victoria. He's got the perfect meal all freshly harvested & landed...

Des later suprised me even further & handed me a huge sack...25kg worth of premium freshly harvested potatos...nice touch & thanks again mate, was a very funny charter & I'm sure they will be put to good use very soon. Des also landed another first this evening in the form of an est 80-90kg 7Gill. A well rounded out charter.

Golden spots reflect in the sunlight after some lovely afternoon Whiting action

Some fantastic Whiting are also still available in both Western Port & the Sthn areas of Port Phillip Bay. The Sorrento & St Leonards areas in particular have seen very good Whiting & Squid caught over the past few weeks. This area traditionally continues to fish long into Winter as water temps down here are slightly warmer than further nth inside Port Phillip Bay.

Interested in a Whiting or Squid charter, for further info & rates look here


Upcoming Squid Charters

With the assistance & offer from a long standing friend of Think Big, We've had Lofty & keen squid staff member Steve Adzijovski from Compleat Angler Ringwood arrange a few upcoming charter dates. These dates are designed soley for Squid Charters. For more info & dates avail for these learning style charters, look here.


So as you can see, although it has been a while since the last report.

We sure have been busy out & about all over the coast, from inside to well offshore.

We've seen an amazing account of memorable encounters over the past couple of months & will be keeping you posted shortly on more great action & upcoming charters.

Think BIG style ;)

Cheers & Thanks to all



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