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Back From The West Coast & Home Again On Western Port 


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Chilly Weather Patterns with Plenty of Action for All !!

With Winter air & water temps well & truly settled in. Days will now start to get longer as we've recently passed the Winter Solstice. As we move closer to Spring we reach a time of our season where we can reflect back on not only the past few months of fishing, but also what lays ahead in the next few weeks & upcoming months.Overall it's been a massive season for all both inshore within Western Port & Port Phillip Bay as well as offshore.

This years Tuna run along the Westcoast of Victoria could be summed up as perfect one day & frustrating the next. Further Nth along the Sthn N.S.W region of Bermagui, there has also been some exceptional fishing for med to large Southern Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna.

Locally we've had some great fishing on Western Port both recently & a month or so ago with quality Gummy Sharks of all sizes keeping clients smiling & returning for another charter.

Portland & Port Fairy 


Going on past seasons down this part of the coast, this years was a mixture of more inclement weather patterns than usual. This was coupled with some tougher than normal days Tuna wise. Although we did manage to find & catch Tuna on most charters. Locating them somedays was trying, with small pods on plenty of occasions. While on other days larger schools could be sighted with ease.

Average depths we fished for the majority of our charters was 40 to 60mt. On occasions there was some amazing inshore action at nearby Warrnambool & Port Fairy, with the 'Bool' as it's known locally really going 'off' as we say.

Some days saw large amounts of Tuna within 2km or less of the Warrnambool breakwater. Pretty special, but given the absolute ideal currents & bait that was here for weeks. The action was on for at least a 6 week period & sometimes for days on end...Not bad for a 3hr drive from Melbourne.

Small lures dominated most catches on both charter & rec boats & with brands such as Black Magic Jetsetters & Tsutumo Tuna Bullets working well for us.

However it was the use of stickbaits & casting at surface busting pods of these sometimes finicky Tuna that saw some terrific sessions.

Winga & regular YouFishTV camerman Joseph 'I gotta get to a gig' Fernand were lucky enough to capture some of this amazing topwater action on camera off Port Fairy recently. Check it & many more memorable YouFishTV episodes on our BigFishChannel on Youtube here.

Keen Melbourne fisho Mark Sullivan & crew also had a very memorable late afternoon 'Stickbait' session off Pt Fairy & absolutely creamed a patch of ravenous school Bluefin Tuna. They easily accounted for near 20 landed & released most of these, keeping just a few for a feed. Great going guys !!

The much talked about & very very effective Shimano Ocea Stickbaits. These are what Winga, Sully & the rest of the YouFishTV & Think BIG crew have been using for topwater Tuna. They'll often outfish conventional trolling methods when Tuna are feeding on small bait in tight pods.

Warrnambool Anglers Rally For Boat Ramp Upgrade 

In passing weeks there has been a concerted effort by many Western District locals & keen anglers from Melbourne, who are concerned about the current state of the Warrnambool public boat ramp. There has been a major push by many motivated & passionate anglers & non anglers also to upgrade this ramp in the near future.

Currently it suffers from severe wave surge & it is hoped the local council will attend to the matter, sooner than later. Local Warnambool people such as Martin Ellul, Steve Moore & Lucas Wilson to name just a few, have done a huge amount of work for this cause & deserve a very warm thank you.

Again guys & girls, & everyone who has helped here, Thank you all.

Portland & Port Fairy Report

A BIG Thank You also to Jason Turner of Pro Red Fishing Charters for allowing us to charter his 7mtr vessel whilst on the Westcoast. Jason has been in Thailand the past few months and will soon be back in Melbourne.

Part time Think BIG Deckhand Matt Elliott 'Malliot', came down to lend a hand. Here's a chunky Southern Bluefin Tuna landed just out from Cape Nelson Lighthouse in 70mtrs

Tuna landed on a Cranbourne Tackleworld Bolt Mystique diving lure shown below. This lure accounted for many Tuna & was often the first to be hit somedays, well worth having in your spread & very well priced too.

Rigging wise, like many we dispense with the factory fitted trebles & fit a single hook either at the rear as in this case or on the forward hook eyelet. They work very well set up like this & rarely miss on hookup or during the ensuing fight. 

Match the hatch they say..Another reason Pilchard style profile lures work, have a look at these almost perfect Pilchards that were removed from the Tuna in the foreground. Any wonder these Southern Bluefin Tuna grow so fast initially, after gorging on Pilchards in these numbers.

 Vibrant colors fresh out of the Southern Ocean

Triple strike action for these three guys, caused a lot of laughs & a bit of dancing about the deck until gear was sorted

Harley from Compleat Angler Dandenong made the trip down for the Queens Birthday Monday & had a good trip out off Port Fairy

More pics from our Portland & Port Fairy Tuna Charters can be found here

YouFishTV Bermagui Bluefin Bonanza

This year almost to the same dates as last year these big Bluefin Tuna arrived. Over the last fortnight or so they have since migrated further north around Sydney. Currently there still is a sensational run of Winter Southern Bluefin Tuna up there.

Hot on the tail end of a memorable Sth Coast Yellowfin Tuna season, these Bluefin were almost lining up at the back of some anglers transoms on occasions. It must also be said that these Tuna, particularly the larger Bluefin were well offshore. Somewhere around the 30-50 Nautical Mile range (56-110kms).

At extreme long ranges such as these, trailerboat safety & careful planning is paramount with good VHF Radio contact & surplus fuel required. Stable weather patterns are also needed as it's an awful long haul back to inshore waters if it turns sour quickly.

The YouFishTV Crew of Rodney Gillham, Ben Kiggins, Chris 'Rock' Wyrsta & of course Winga got the word & area via some local reports & astute use of Ripcharts. Soon they were rolling East through the night air enroute to Bermagui. Once they had travelled out well offshore, signs soon started to show & it wasn't too long before action was found. 

Typical 35kg Southern Bluefin Tuna the crew found first up while trolling. Once located a selection of methods were trialled. Such as casting the increasingly popular Shimano Ocea Stickbaits & also the tried & proven method of cubing or chunking as it's known in the States.

These Tuna were sometimes very obliging for some crews & could be seen on the surface feeding heavily for hours on some days. This was the start of things to come as over the next week or so, the bottom opened up & the BIG kahuna's really broke loose!!

There were some amazing captures of Tuna around the 80-120kg & higher bracket by some very fortunate & well prepared anglers. Dave 'Osvaldo' Standing & crew also got amongst some memorable topwater action on ravenous Bluefin all around the 35-45kg range & witnessed some monster Tuna of 120kg plus being weighed at Bermagui.

Winga & another 45kg or so Southern Bluefin captured jigging after locating them on the sounder  

Ben Kiggins with a solid Bluefin on a big day on the 'Fin' aboard the YouFishTV 670 Barcrusher.

New Seasons YouFishTV & Think BIG Clothing Is Here !!

Yes they've finally arrived & well lets say it was worth the wait as they have been very well received by many YouFishTV fans & Think BIG clients, both new & old. Here's a pic of the Hoody top available.


Released just a week ago at this years Melbourne Boat Show, they have been popular & are perfectly designed for fishing & above all are comfy & warm. Ideal this time of year !!

For info, pricing & ordering of these & more of our new range of YouFishTV & Think BIG clothing, DVD'S & apparel items, please visit our new online YouFishTV Store here .

All hands on deck!! The Barcrusher stand was our area again this year & as you can see got a bit busy during certain times over the weekend. We pretty much sold out of most clothing stock, especially the pink color designs. These were an instant hit with many of the fairer sex.

We'd personally like to thank both Barcrusher for there continuing support & commitment to both YouFishTV & Think BIG as well as the huge crowds of genuine fans & friends who made this Melbourne Boat Show a very memorable & happy event. Well done & BIG thankyou to one & all !!

Earlier on in this report I mentioned Paul Worstelings Cranbourne Tackleworld. Recently we've been added to their new season 2012/2013 Tide Guide & have become a sponsor. Along with many other Melbourne based charter boats, who are also associated with Tackleworld.

We are now able to offer clients an already well known & hugely successful tackle shop to go to within the Cranbourne/Berwick/Langwarrin area.

Saying hello & mentioning Think BIG Charters will most probably lead to a discount by the friendly, helpful & informative staff on items purchased, so it's a win win situation for all.

For the latest great tackle & fishing gear on offer at Paul Worstelings Cranbourne Tackleworld, look here.


Western Port

Prior to the excitement of offshore Tuna fishing, back home on local waters we have seen another fantastic Autumn move into Winter. Once again we've experienced some very good sessions on those grey tidal crusing predators known simply as Gummys.

These Gummy Sharks have provided many sessions for happy clients & more often than not they are a first for these people. I doubt I'll ever tire from seeing the look of success & content on a clients face after a good sized Gummy arrives boatside. To me it really is special as it's this moment anglers all over know only to well.

Now that we are back in Melbourne, Gummy charters have & will continue on throughout July, August & will run until mid to late September. By then Snapper fever or as a good friend of mine calls it 'Snappermatosis' will be starting to show in earnest, in many thousands of Melbourne anglers hearts & minds.

To find out more info, dates available or bookings for our Gummy Charters, look here.


Fruits & a lovely well marked Gummy Shark that was released after pic

Matthew Elliott & Fruits made a quick decision Friday arvo to sneak out on Western Port for a few hours on the Gummys. Fishing an ebb tide using small chunk baits from fresh Yakka, the first Gummy at a shade over 10kg was soon released after a pic.

Hood in a Hoody & a Fri evening Gummy Shark

The new Think BIG Hoodys also got the thumbs up & have proven quite warm & comfortable in the chilly evening air & here's Malliot sporting one along with a solid Gummy that slammed a bait that was in the water for all of 12 seconds max.

Didn't muck about either & raced off with the tide a fair distance too. A 3rd Gummy was also landed during this quick but fun & productive session before heading back to Stony Pt.

Meg & hubby John had a great evening Gummy charter a few weeks back & succeeded in landing this fine pair at the same time!! Meg & some other friends have since returned & once again had a great charter with some excellent Gummy Sharks landed for the session.

Adam who happens to work alongside Meg at a busy hospital in Mebourne also had his arms full with this great grey sub. This was another classic hard running Gummy & so far a personal first & best for him. Shortly after this pic was taken, he soon swam her gently boatside, before watching her swim back off into the darkness. Nice one Adam & hurry back from the U.K mate, we're all missing you ;)

Ryan was also aboard this charter & added hard running quality Gummy Sharks to his list of recent captures. Ryan also took part in a couple of Think BIG Tuna charters out west & had some fun on even faster fish.

Another regular Think Big client Jarrad was out with us recently. Just like his last Gummy charter he soon noticed a familiar tap/bounce, lunge on an outfit infront of him. This tidy Gummy was the result.

Adam Mitchell had a productive Gummy charter recently & also spent some time with us on the West Coast on a couple of Tuna Charters. He'll be back out again shortly on another Western Port Gummy Charter.

Now heres a good looking pair. Darren Gheblik is also a huge fan of nocturnal Gummy charters & found this great sized Gummy a lot of fun a few weeks ago.

Brody Connelly has spent a fair bit of time with us lately. First on an evening Gummy Shark charter then a week or two later, he travelled down to Portland & racked up a few days with us offshore.

Mary who's a good friend of another reg Think BIG client Steve Fields, joined us for a session on Gummys. She soon jumped up as the 1st rod rattled & rolled not too far into the flood tide. Great table sized Gummy Shark was the result & Mary was very happy indeed.

Steevo as he's known to his mates also went home with a nice feed of fresh Gummy Shark. At the 6-8kg range they sure are one of the better eating species swimming around our waters. Some rate it the best there is to eat....and well I couldn't agree more especially when done in a light beer batter...

Yummy !! Did someone mention beer battered Gummy ?

Yes it really does taste as good as it looks..Cooked quickly in clean fresh hot oil with a light beer batter coating, It's pretty hard to beat with a simple salad & a few chips...Great Winter & Summer treat. 

Kathy joined friend Meg & a few others for a crack at outdoing the boys. She didn't have to wait too long either & soon gave the guys a good natured ribbing for landing this Gummy Shark.

Meet Des everybody, Des is in the perfect business to accompany this ideal eater size Gummy landed last week. He runs a very busy & successful potato farm near Thorpdale (The Australian Potato Growing Capital) in Eastern Victoria. He's got the perfect meal all freshly harvested & landed...

Des later suprised me even further & handed me a huge sack...25kg worth of premium freshly harvested potatos...nice touch & thanks again mate, was a very funny charter & I'm sure they will be put to good use very soon. Des also landed another first this evening in the form of an est 80-90kg 7Gill. A well rounded out charter.

Golden spots reflect in the sunlight after some lovely afternoon Whiting action

Some fantastic Whiting are also still available in both Western Port & the Sthn areas of Port Phillip Bay. The Sorrento & St Leonards areas in particular have seen very good Whiting & Squid caught over the past few weeks. This area traditionally continues to fish long into Winter as water temps down here are slightly warmer than further nth inside Port Phillip Bay.

Interested in a Whiting or Squid charter, for further info & rates look here


Upcoming Squid Charters

With the assistance & offer from a long standing friend of Think Big, We've had Lofty & keen squid staff member Steve Adzijovski from Compleat Angler Ringwood arrange a few upcoming charter dates. These dates are designed soley for Squid Charters. For more info & dates avail for these learning style charters, look here.


So as you can see, although it has been a while since the last report.

We sure have been busy out & about all over the coast, from inside to well offshore.

We've seen an amazing account of memorable encounters over the past couple of months & will be keeping you posted shortly on more great action & upcoming charters.

Think BIG style ;)

Cheers & Thanks to all



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