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Spring Has Arrived & So Has Snapper Season 2012


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Where Winter Left Off, Spring Quickly Picked Up Any Slack:

While some people traditionally slow up their fishing activities somewhere around late May or June. The fisho's who kept on fishing through were rewarded with some simply stunning fishing!

Put it like this, when you are receiving almost daily reports & pictures of quality Snapper in numbers in mid July & August you tend to listen. Fact is these days there are more anglers prepared to fish into the colder times & put in the time locating these Snapper. The rewards follow when further time is invested fishing for these fish. 


Winga with a solid Port Phillip Bay Snapper on the nighshift with Warren Carter aboard the Youboat

Skipper Shaun (Fruits) has also had some quality Snapper on recent Think BIG Charters in both Port Phillip Bay & Western Port

Whiting too have remained very reliable throughout Winter particularly along the Southern Peninsula region of Port Phillip Bay. With many of these Whiting around the 36-41cm range, these are every bit as good quality as you would encounter during the height of Summer Whiting sessions.

Davy, Pj, John & Richard recently had a great mornings light line action amongst those tasty spotted Whiting of the Southern Peninsula Port Phillip Bay region.

Gummy Sharks were also a highlight in recent weeks, although we are focussing pretty hard on Snapper fishing from now until Christmas time.

Big Gummy, Big Smiles from a very satisfied Winga

Winga was pretty stoked to land this BIG Gummy this week while seeking out Western Port Snapper, & although they also found Snapper to 5kg on this session, it was good to return to the old Salty Dog days of yore with Warren Carter & this beautiful genuine 20kg plus Gummy Shark.

Client Jane with a Huge Female Gummy Shark around the 24kg range !!(was released soon after pic)

It's an exciting time ahead over the next few months as many other fishos will no doubt understand. The next 6 weeks or so will see some great Snapper action in both Western Port & Port Phillip Bay. We currently have dates available for both Oct & Nov for Snapper Charters. Check out our Snapper Trips Link for dates available from now until Christmas.

As always we'll be where the hottest action is coming from & being mobile can operate at short notice from a range of boat ramps if required. Recently we had our charter vessel Think BIG pass it's annual survey inline with Transport Services Victoria requirements. Also we have treated her to a full on detail & polish courtesy of JT Fibreglass Products Bayswater  The end result was fantastic & we urge anyone who requires any fibreglass repairs or restoration work to give Jason & his lovely partner Michelle a call for further info.

Snapper in Western Port & Port Phillip Bay:

The season hardly ended looking back with many anglers continuing on & finding good results in both bays. Team member Peter Ferguson has really put in some time over the last few months & has come up with the goods on a number of sessions. As is per usual at this time of year, most Snapper are of a better size than we'll see in a few weeks time. Snapper from 5-7kg and higher have been reported in both Western Port & Port Phillip Bay.

Pete aka 'Gotta Be Red' aboard the Youfish TV Barcrusher with an example of Western Port Nightshift Snapper currently available (Ok so they may not have a strange looking undershot bottom jaw like this model, but you never know your luck in a big sea!!) Bait used fresh Squid

Port Phillip Snapper on a glassed out weekday charter in early September

Gippsland angler & keen Snapper chaser all over the state, Rodney Gilham stepped up to the plate of fishing Port Phillip Bay recently aboard Think BIG. This Snapper just shy of 5kg was a nice season opener for both Rodney & Think BIG !!

Client Gary Wood has first crack at our new range of Port Phillip Bay Shimano Snapper Outfits

Supplied by Lofty from Compleat Angler Ringwood These outfits really fit the bill for slow water Snapper fishing & are nicely balanced with the recently introduced Shimano OC 6000 series of Baitrunner style reels. In coming months I'll be reporting back on these outfits as I'm sure they'll see plenty of Snapper action.

Gary with 5kg of angry Port Phillip Bay Snapper that engulfed a whole Pilchard.

Another good buckle as a Port Phillip Snapper gets strapping

5kg of crimson Snapper, bait this time was a whole Pilchard

Something else we've been trialling on the charter boat this past few weeks is hooks. Decoy brand hooks from Compleat Angler Ringwood have so far been very reliable with a great hookup rate. Available in both Octopus & Circle pattern, they represent excellent value compared to the recent rise in prices on other popular brand hooks.

Decoy Octopus Pattern 5/0 Snapper hooks

Perfect for slow water Snapper either used as a single pattern or the very popular & proven twin snelled setup.   

Decoy Circle Pattern 5/0 hooks.

In coming weeks these Circle Pattern hooks will be used extensively throughout Western Port. 

Regular Client Adam Mitchell with his & Think BIG's first Western Port Snapper for 2012

Notice the hook pinned right on edge of the outer lip, testament to two things. New sharp hooks always & be prepared to hit these fish quickly as they can be shy while temps are slowly climbing.

Original Salty Dog member & allround amazing angler Warren Carter holds a hefty Port Phillip Snapper

Winga & Carter found some hot Snapper action recently in Port Phillip Bay

Then they backed this up a few days later on another evening Western Port session. As always ultra fresh Squid is & always will be the best possible choice for consitency in Western Port.

Western Port BIG Fish magnet Warren Carter & a lovely hued Snapper onboard the Youboat Barcrusher

So with average water temps in Western Port up around the mid 13 degree mark & occasionally higher, it's only a matter of a short week or two until we'll find more consistent fishing. In neighbouring Port Phillip Bay average temps are around the mid 13 degree's range also, particularly out in the deeper areas. Again action will improve at a similar rate.

Speaking of Port Phillip Bay, there was a huge sigh of relief amongst thousand of Melbourne Snapper anglers & charter operators alike recently. News quickly filtered through of the announcement that Lynette & Trevor Hogan would once again be operating their highly successful & friendly business known as Launching Way This ramp complex is without a doubt Melbournes premier launch facillity on the eastern seaboard of Port Phillip Bay. Congratulations Lynette & Trevor, you've got the support of thousands !!

Youfish TV Snapper Talk Night:

Yes for just One Night Only!! We are offering an open forum style Snapper talk.

Further Information & Booking Details can be found here

This will be the Only Snapper based Talk Winga & Crew will be offering for 2012, so book now or missout!!

Super Trawler Rally:

Saturday the 1st September also revealed another strong case by people from all walks of life both locally & nationally. A rally was soon organised here in Melbourne & with further follow up ph calls & many emails to many members of Parliament, justice for the short term seems to have prevailed. The untiring efforts of people such as Dale McClelland & Daniel Stanilovic amongst countless others must be recognised as many people were informed of this Super Trawlers proposed activities by these people.

YOUFISH TV & New Zealand's Monster Bluefin Tuna:

Recently the Youfish team headed over the ditch so to speak & soon checked into New Zealand territory. Big Bluefin Tuna were the drawcard & with a window of perfect weather Winga was soon tight to a Tuna of immense proportions.

This Tuna with a heart bigger than Phar Lap's wasn't going to come easy as everyone was soon to find out!! A staggering 7 HOURS!! was the total fight time of this amazing 650lb plus capture. It will be airing shortly on Ch 31 & we'll keep everyone updated to actual dates.

Check that drag setting!!...the hurt is happening...

Tiagra working out hard with a 35kg drag setting against one very very strong hearted Tuna !!

Hydration stop & a will to keep on pushing

Finally boatside & very similar looking to classic Murray Bros pics of large Bluefin Tuna from the Bahama's

A totally exhausted & much relieved Winga & one very Big hearted Tuna onboard one of New Zealands top BIG Tuna charter boats the 'Covarose', somewhere wide off Greymouth New Zealand

Youfish TV Continues To Grow !! :

A few weeks back the Youfish TV Crew took delivery of a brand new Barcrusher 535XS Centre Console. This stealthy fast weapon is to be a fill in boat until the keenly anticipated new 670 Barcrusher Hardtop arrives in a few more weeks. This smaller vessel will allow longtime Youfish TV Cameraman Joseph Fernand to continue on & film the upcoming Spring Snapper action over coming months.

Joseph Fernand congratulates the Team from Barcrusher, Owners Peter & Warren Cleeland & Sales Manager Matthew Urzia on delivery of Youfish TV's new filming vessel.

The New 535 XS Wave Crusher is filling it's role very nicely. Here's Joseph with his Father Guy with their first official Snapper for the season out from Hastings, Western Port.

Youfish TV Assistant Sean Hildyard didn't mess about with some Big Squid on Western Port this week while out with Joeseph on the 535 XS

As this vessel is a centre console, having no cabin it maintains a slower drift, this is proving successful on recent Western Port Squid sessions.     

Joseph's Uncle, Tony also has found some very good size Calamari on recent sessions

Western Port Gummys:

Our charter clients have experienced some fantastic & memorable sessions over past weeks on Western Port Gummy Sharks of all sizes.

Sisters are doing it for themselves !! Jane & Emilie with a Big Gummy Shark from the Western Channel region of Western Port

Adam Mitchell had his mate Mohammed onboard one evening & had his arms very full with this Big Gummy of a conservative 23-24kg's weight, was soon released after pics.

Client Shane from local Carrum Downs Tattoo Studio Scarred for Life with a typical Spring Gummy Shark

Smaller sportier Gummy Sharks of 4-8kg have shown up also when targeting Snapper & make a welcome addition to clients captures

Long time Think BIG Client & allround top guy Colin Sires, aka Colsa is dwarfed in the middle here by a sizeable Seven Gill Shark that he landed after many encounters over the years ending in severed leaders.

Yes Large Seven Gill Sharks have also been active during the colder times of late July & August. They generally find Gummy baits irresistable & can sometimes be a nuisance as they often sever mono leaders we prefer to use.

 Severed leader can be clealry seen on bottom jaw of this 7 Gill Shark

Emilie, her father & brother all help to hold this fair sized 7 Gill Shark

Winter Whiting Continue On Biting & Fighting:

This Winter has been a memorable one from a Whiting anglers point of view. Past seasons have seen good recuitment from previous egg spawn drops well offshore. The result is higher numbers locally & this has seen a bumper extended Whiting season that traditionally slows up somewhere around late May & on through June. The Southern tidal regions of Port Phillip Bay have been fishing well. Indented Head, St Leonards & Sorrento, Rye & Portsea have all produced excellent quality Whiting.

Our Think BIG mechanic & serviceman Alan, recently found time to land a few Whiting onboard the boat he services

Meet Alan Heib everyone, Alan is a qualified marine mechanic who keeps Think BIG in tip top shape. The efforts of this man have not gone unnoticed as time & time again he will go far & beyond the typical role of a marine mechanic. Thanks again Alan you're a huge credit to the industry.

Alan can be contacted at his business Southside Marine Services for all manner of marine based repairs & servicing on both boats & trailers. Having recently aquired new premises, He'll be happy to discuss any marine servicing or repair requirements.

 Regular Think BIG Client Steve Dumalowski with a nice feed of Whiting recently on a windy day.

Regular Think BIG Client Stu Thornton also found the action hot to trot during an afternoon charter

Ben Emery who is another face often seen on Think BIG Charters with a grin from ear to ear holding a plump assortment of Whiting

Della Johnson holds a nice Calamari landed prior to some Whiting fishing later on

Client Pam all rugged up on a chilly morning with a quality Spring Squid

So the girls, Della, Melissa & Pam got the invite from Ben Emery & Matt Johnson to come on a Think BIG Whiting Charter...Looks like they cleaned the boys right up !!

Regular Clown & Think BIG Client Davy gives a small Red Mullet or 'Barbounya' as the Greek community call them a farewell kiss before release...Happy to report the Red Mullet survived this Irish smooch !!

Longtime Think BIG & Youfish TV Fan Shaun (let me test the waters) Dennehy with a quality Squid

Some quality Flathead have also been showing up over recent weeks on Whiting Charters

Shaun Dennehy with another example of Southern Port Phillip Bay Flathead on light tackle

Mixed group of mates from inner Melbourne had a fun day & took home a great feed

So as you can see we have been fairing well all over in many locations & on many different & popular species. In coming weeks Snapper will be the big news all over Melbourne. We'll be right on the trail of these fantastic & hard fighting red hued species right up until Christmas & then again in late February.

For anyone considering a Think BIG Charter on Snapper or any of the other species we offer, please do not hesitate in contacting Shaun either by mobile 0423 696 061 or Facebook for further details & info.

God Bless & Thanks,