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With Summers Haze Slowly Drifting Away, Local Fishing Has Had Some Memorable Days


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Summer Days, Plenty of Big Great Greys & Exciting Whiting...It's all so Inviting.

As we move into the last month of our Summer season, Yes I know it's been ages since the last Think BIG Charter report, however I've been very busy !! Now however, I've finally found a bit of spare time to put forward a report & pictorial account of charters since the start of January 2013.

It's been a season of quite variable weather that's for sure, with many days of moderate to high winds hampering all boat fisho's. Constant strong easterly winds for what seem like weeks at a time have made it difficult on occasions. However we've seen some very good to absolute mind blowing fishing in many new areas on both Western Port & the southern tidal regions of neighbouring Port Phillip Bay.

Ben 'Toecutter' Emery & Matthew Elliott joined Skipper Fruits for a social fish recently & had a lot of fun with this BIG Gummy Shark before she was released gently back into Western Port.

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Clients Adam Mitchell & partner Amy Thomas with a beautifully dark hued Gummy Shark from Western Port

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Whiting Are Biting & Continue To Be Exciting !!

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An old friend who now resides on the Gold Coast Queensland, Alex Seretis with a great haul of succulent eating King George Whiting caught recently aboard Think BIG. (He's also rumored to be a Robert De Niro extra from time to time also)

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Please contact us via any of the options at the top or bottom of this report, or just ring Think BIG Charters Fulltime Skipper Shaun Furtiere direct for further info & details.

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January Charter Report:

Once again that cunning fox Andrew 'snorezy' Pawsey along with good mate Josh Fildes in his lovely & very fast Bass Strait 6 metre Ocean Pro, turned the tables the Seriola way & concentrated their efforts around some rocky areas locally outside of Western Port in Bass Strait. Some good management & teamwork saw them boat this very solid Yellowtail Kingfish on a live bait, well done guys !!

Wai Pui Lo (Benny) & crew had a top day out with a mixed bag of good sized Gummy Shark & a great haul of lovely Whiting.

Here's young Lachlan Roach from Kew with a huge Spotted Bone or King George Whiting from the Middle Spit area. Lachlan & his brother William along with Richard Gilham had a top session amongst Whiting like this & larger. At this size range of 44cm's plus they sure are a worthy capture on the light Shimano Sephia BB Egi Style rods matched up with Shimano Ci4 2500 Stradic Reels we use & recommend on all of our Think BIG Whiting & Squid Charters.

Client Chris Gilham also warmed to a good session on the spotted bones this day, even though we had a howling 25-30kn easterly wind making it slightly challenging !! Still the boys chipped away & produced a top feed.

Client Steve Dumalowski opted for a Cowes Jetty pick up, which have proven handy for anyone whose holidaying at Phillip Island & wishes to jump on a Think BIG Charter, yes we can pick you up & drop you off. Here's a sample from a great catch put together on a calm mornings Whiting charter.

Clients Troy & Natalie Wylie recently took the plunge & were up & ready for a 4am charter departure on Gummy Sharks. They weren't disappointed either with some great action for the both of them with excellent Gummy's landed.

Nice going Natalie, you should did show the guys how it's done !!

Longtime Think BIG Client & all round top guy Shaun Dennehy also was aboard this charter & added perfect eating/table sized Gummy Shark to the list of captures this trip.

Matthew Elliott aka 'Malliott' happened to find this nice Gummy Shark took a liking to his freshly cast Yakka chunk bait recently during an evening session with Skipper Shaun & good mate Benny Farrugia.


Michael Remfrey & good mate Steve found some multiple action on an evening Gummy Shark charter recently on a breezy night.

Adam Mitchell took time out to lend a hand on the deck on a Whiting charter & displays a few from a great catch put together by the clients.

Client Grant Jamieson also took the Cowes Jetty Pickup approach & had a good session on Whiting, with some of them landed just a few hundred metres from the jetty he was later dropped off onto..

Client David Albarenque (Albacore for short) struggles with a heavily pregnant Gummy Shark, soon released after pics were quickly snapped off. Along with Gummy Shark, quite a few more were landed this session. Here's Dave's friend Jacque pictured below with another hefty Gummy Shark.


David Albarenque again with another lovely Gummy Shark landed on the same charter.

Client Steve Schreider booked a group charter, & here's one of the guys with a moonlight bathed Gummy Shark that hit & ran like a freight train. Always a lot of fun when this happens.

Getting into the spirit of Australia Day, clients Ben Emery along with Helen & crew had a top session amongst a hungry bite of obliging Whiting. This was a memorable trip as Helen's crew had pretty much never fished before, let alone had so much fun light line action on these Whiting.

Hot on the heels of the Australia Day Whiting charter, Compleat Angler Ringwood store owner/manager Ian 'Lofty' Loft & a bunch of his fisho mates jumped on for a crack at the Whiting. Once again the fresh soft mussel found the action & everyone had a good feed to take home by charters end.

Closeup of one of Western Ports most highly regarded fresh baits. Silver Trevally are to be found in many areas of the Port & do make a great bait when targeting Gummy Shark & more recently have found to be a pretty reliable bait alternative when used in small strips for Whiting. Seems the larger Whiting everyone wants to latch onto have a penchant for a fresh offering of this.

Client Rob with his first real Gummy Shark on a recent Think BIG Charter. Had a number of similar sized Gummy Shark this trip which made for some fun moments as always.

Clients Jason & Jody along with their young son Joshua pictured here with a solid armful of big 40cm plus Whiting from the deeper 12mtr areas of Western Port. They sure are a good fish to target at this size.

Local long time Melbourne based Lead Guitarist Dan Max joined a Think BIG Gummy Charter & found some great action and also picked some good tips. Dan's got a band known as 'Dan Max & The Gummy Sharks'..True story..They often play at the Balnarring Town Hall & have a lot of fun playing popular favorite rock hits...

Client Jensen Rozario along with his lovely wife Natalia had some top fun wrestling Gummys that first started out at a mild size, but before too long soon became wild size as you'll see below.

Here's clients Jason Jones along with Ben Emery who have wrestled this large Gummy Shark just so we could snap off a quick few pics. This Gummy Shark was a real line burner & took an insane amount of line against a very firm drag setting before being turned & lead back to the boat. Was soon released after these pics.  

Dan Max came out on a Think BIG Gummy charter the evening before this pic was taken.

Saw how its done, caught a great Gummy himself & enjoyed the trip.
He said he was keen to fish the next eve.
Finally when I did get to bed, I sent him a txt at 3:15am in the morn, (before I had the best sleep in 5 days after all the charters over the last week lol)
Anyway I had said exactly what to do to get a Gummy and where to go.
I'd said to be at an area ready to fish at 9:55pm tomorrow night.

I receive a txt at 9:56pm saying yeah we are here.
I said it'll happen after 30-40mins
I receive a txt 35mins later saying they've "Just landed a huge one & released it nicely after swimming her into the current properly as shown on the Think BIG Charter"

Yes Dan, a 'Max' Gummy if I do say so myself mate !!!

Soon after this, I receive another txt.
Another huge Gummy had given them the second crazy excitement of what is BIG Gummy Shark fishing 'Think BIG style on Western Port.

Again it was released unharmed other than a bit of a starry eyed look after a few quick pics.
Very Well done Dan & Jay !!

Once again Ben Emery is amongst the heavyweights of the Gummy Shark world & really is struggling here to hold the bulk of this supersized Gummy Shark caught during the wee hours in the tidal areas of Southern Port Phillip Bay. This Gummy was the result of some dedicated sounding of a particular area before anchoring up. It proved to be spot on as this big girl was on the bait within 15 mins of dropping a selection of 4 baits into the darkness. Estimated weight was somewhere around the mid 20kg range..As Ben is a concretor & is often lifting heavy cement bags about daily, he certainly didn't say this Gummy was any lighter than his typical workloads..

This session carried on nicely with more Gummy Sharks homing in on our baits.

Even Skipper Shaun had time to land a Gummy of his own, something he hasn't done much lately as he's too busy looking after the clients for the most part. This Gummy Shark of a conservative 16-17kg, hit a bait as the bait was being wound in. We'd planned to go home after a top session, & this welcome grey beast came along to improve the night just that one more notch..Was soon released after this pic was taken.

February Charter Report:

Client Adam Mitchell arranged some good mates to join him on his Birthday charter recently. We fished Port Phillip Bay for this charter & once again found some excellent big Gummy Shark action for the guys.

Nice going Adam & crew. Nice release also !!

Client Gerhard Sieber along with some close family relations on holidays all the way from Germany got amongst a hot bite of ravenous Whiting on a very windy afternoon out on Western Port. This group haven't done a great deal of fishing at all, but soon learnt the delicate art of hooking these finicky, tap-tap bite specialists after a bit of guidance.

Client George Garaganoulis along with Shane Watkins & crew had a lot of fun on Gummy Shark to 8kg or so during an afternoon/evening session.

Client Stu Thornton along with good friend Ches Trulson booked the boat for Stu's Birthday bash. Gummy Shark was the brief from Stu, & when I mentioned we may do Port Phillip Bay, this was exactly what he'd wanted to pursue. This big Gummy was a hard fish to pick initially as it didn't race off as per usual, but it sure slugged it out deep before being netted boatside. Was soon released after some deckwash revival & a swim next to the boat to ensure a safe release.

Client Ches Trulson holds a solid pre dawn Gummy Shark after the earlier craziness during the dark hours.

Client Stu Thornton also had more hard running buckling Shimano outfits to contend with when this large Gummy Shark hit a fresh bait & was off into the current !!

Clients Matt & Andrew Johnson, Michael Duclos & Jarrad Evans found some light line action pleasing on a recent Whiting charter on Western Port. (Winner of the 'I'm so wrapped in Whiting fishing I look drunk in this pic award' go's to Jarrad Evans)

Client Jarrad Evans displays a good handful of quality Western Port mussel slurpers.

All hands on deck !!, Here's Jimmy & crew along with Ben Emery hidden up the back all helping to hold this Gummy Shark. The guys were a very funny bunch here on holiday all the way from Hong Kong & had a ball with several good Gummy's on this charter.

Here's another view of this Gummy landed just before the sun dropped away.


Nice table sized Gummy Shark for Jimmy & crew.

Here's client Jimmy who arranged this Think BIG Gummy Charter, who after letting his mates land a few Gummy's, finally stepped up to the plate & had some fun himself.

Adam Mitchell & his lovely partner Amy recently chartered Think BIG for a mixed species 8 hour charter on Western Port. Having perfect weather & calm seas really does help to make the day memorable. So after some quality Flathead were first landed, then some fun on assorted Salmon, Yakka's, Cowanyoung & Slimy Mackeral on lures, we slipped into the Flinders area & found some obliging Squid eager to snaffle up our slow drifted jigs.

As the tide was approaching, I suggested we make a move to try for some Gummy Sharks.

Look what the tide dragged in !!..This dark hued beast Gummy Shark was a huge higlight for the day, with Amy Thomas pictured at rear doing here best to land this great Gummy. Top effort Amy & great to see both you & Adam hold it for a quick few picks before release.


Special thanks for above pic here, goes to Kosta Linardos of 'Hooked Up Magazine' fame. He just happened to be travelling past & slowed as we were in the closing stages of landing this Gummy Shark. Some great pictures were snapped off by Kosta & were very much appreciated when I received them later via email. Thanks again Kosta, It's not always easy having pics taken from another vessel while on the water.

Adam was soon amongst more action with this Gummy Shark that bounced a few times then took off like a cracker!!

Ex Melbourne resident Alex Seretis (Robert De Niro or Al Pacino to some) flew down from his QLD based home for a family wedding, & ensured he had some spare time to join reg Think BIG client Colin Sires for a dig on the Whiting. Western Port was the scene for this charter & the guys put together a nice haul of some very good sized Whiting to over 45cm's !!

Hows this for a Western Port Flathead !! Client Heath Verhey along with a group of his mates booked a Gummy Shark trip & were pleasantly suprised (read over the moon) when this hefty frog turned up boatside. At 70cm's plus it certainly was the largest Flathead I've seen come aboard Think BIG so far.

Moving into the dark of night, & we had great quality Gummy Sharks hitting fresh baits I'd set for the clients.


A closer view of this Gummy Shark. These clients had a great time with several good Gummy Shark landed, with some released & some kept for a feed.

Client Heath Browne who had a Think BIG Charter Gift Voucher Certificate given to him for a Christmas present, soon rounded up a few mates to join him on a dedicated Think BIG Gummy Shark Charter. He was pretty stoked to land his personal best Gummy Shark & release her after a few pics were snapped off.

Client Brad along with Heath Browne, soon had his turn at a good sized Gummy Shark that really did do a Tony Grieg & 'ran Haurd & Fauust', before finally being brought back boatside for netting.

Team 'Toecutter' Emery & Malliott with a large Gummy Shark from a recent session on Western Port.

So as you can see, it's been a busy & very productive start to 2013 aboard Think BIG with many happy & often returning clients. In coming weeks we'll continue to provide a great personal service on all our upcoming charters & will be fishing hard as always to gather the results for our great & growing client base.

If you've got any desire to learn more about our local fishing as well as having a high chance at obtaining a personal best species, Just give us a call for further info, rates & charter dates available. 




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