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Autumn Days With Mild Sun Rays on Westernport & Port Phillip Bay


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As We Move Closer To May, There's Some Great Local Fishing In The Port & On Port Phillip Bay !! 


Team Snapper Hunt, Billie Wing-Smith & a very relieved & proud Dad Winga with the spoils of commitment & a dedicated approach on a recent Snapper sortie out on Port Phillip Bay. This solid Snapper was one of a number of fish landed during a top session. These fish took hours to locate via careful sounding & were hot to trot once the fresh Squid baits went in.

It would be fair to state that the vast majority of Victorian species/seasonal following fisherman are all hard on the heels amongst the current Southern Bluefin Tuna action happening right now along the West Coast of Victoria.

With a fantastic start to their season at Portland & also increasing action from nearby Port Fairy as well as a fair number of true 'Barrel' sized SBT from the mid 80kg range to a back straining 140kg mark landed in recent weeks. Its any wonder the focus for many has been somewhat Tunafied to a degree !!

Globetrotting Angler & resident Chicken & Chip Chookoligist Pete Ferguson along with Joseph 'have we got the camera' Fernand recently travelled over to Tasmania & fished with Doongara Charters. Although the larger 'Barrel SBT' were hard to find on the day, they did manage to snare a few chunky Tuna around the 30 kilo mark. 

Locally though, here on Westernport Think BIG has had some very consistent fishing for its clients! Some of the sessions on Gummy Sharks, Whiting & Huge Westernport Squid have been very memorable & above all very pleasing for our clients. Such has been the excellent fishing recently, that on quite a few occasions, clients have returned within days to do it all again with us. 

Whiting Have Been Exciting & Inviting For All Think BIG Clients !!

Client Laura Cottrill with a healthy handful of lovely Westernport Whiting

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Super Sized Westernport Cephalopods Rate Highly On Clients Bucket Lists !!

Client Stephen Field was stoked to land his so far personal best Hovercraft sized Squid. Check out further down in this report on the Huge Cephalopods we've been finding for clients in recent weeks.

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Still Good Gummy Sharks Available in both Westernport & Port Phillip Bay !!

Boatside profile of an evening tidal stream cruising Gummy Shark

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Looking Forward....

The next 6 weeks should see some reliable fishing in Westernport as a lot of these fish will start to school up & slowly make their way further down the port.

This current action will slowly taper off as water temps start to drop away as Winter moves closer. However there is still some very good opportunities in coming months for some great fishing. Species such as Whiting, Gummy Sharks, the ever popular Squid, Snapper & of course the mighty Mulloway are all available to those prepared to put in the dedication & time required.

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March & April Charter Report:

The 'Goepel' with a solid pair of Autumn Snapper from the deeper 21 mtrs region off Mornington. These Snapper are available right now as bay temps start to drop. As you can see quality is what Autumn Snapper fishing is about & with the average weight around 5.5 kilo from this session, they're well worth spending the time on. Fresh baits such as locally caught Squid has been a top bait as well as the reliable whole W.A Pilchard.

Gerhard Sieber & crew had a top session on a number of Gummy Sharks. Here's one kept for the table.

Stephen Field really enjoys his Gummy Shark fishing & has been landing some nice ones recently.

Client Matt Allan is quite pleased with his first ever Gummy Shark. For a guy who's fished Sydney most of his life the recent move to Melbourne has seen a huge change in the fishing methods & species. 

Here's Greg Goepel again, 'pre beard trim' with another nice evening Gummy from a recent charter. We had 7 Gummy Shark all told on this charter, with a few kept for the table & clients electing to release the rest after a quick photo.

Later on during this charter, we had this sizable grinning 7 Gill Shark cause a lot of fun for all clients. At this size it's a team effort to haul them in for a quick pic. Regardless of what others may say, these spotted toothie slobs sure do pull some line when in shallow areas of 5-7mtrs.

Client Nathan Dyke & a quailty Western Ch Gummy taken on fresh Couta.

Here's an early morning Gummy Shark that was the result of sticking to a plan. Amongst 25 other boats in the immediate area, it was a fitting catch on what was a slower than usual morning.

Brandon Joel with a great sample of some of the quality Whiting that are about in Westernport at the moment.

 Client Mario loves getting in amongst a good Whiting bite & has seen some good trips with us in recent weeks

Clients David & Shelly Hooper recently had a one on one guide session aboard their boat for a lesson on Westernport Whiting & Squid. On the day there were some obliging fish about in very good sizes. Once again the fresh Mussel baits offered up were slurped down quickly.

Clients Peter Ratcliffe & Andrew with a sample of Whiting & Squid from a weekday charter

Steve Dumalowski & crew opted for a Cowes Jetty pickup as they've got a holiday house on Phillip Island. Turns out perfect as the guys took home a lovely feed of Whiting in good sizes too.

Craig Joel couldn't help himself & along with his son, jumped on for another crack on the spotted bones. Once again they all had a great time & also added some Big Squid to their bag. Nice going guys.

Did Someone Say BIG Squid ??

Young Tom Binns is a little bit awestruck at this huge beast hovercraft Calamari. Once again the very reliable Shimano Sephia Egixile Jig in size 3:0 in colour 04T(Brown/Red) has proven itself as a BIG Squid lure that time & time again has the larger Thug sized Cephalopods pouncing on heavily.

During the past 3-4 weeks Think BIG has seen some absolute champagne Squid fishing on Westernport. We've been amazed at the size & aggression of these camoflauged cruisers of the shallow banks. Like a lot of Squidding, finding them has been the key & we've had to persist some days to find the rod pulsing & line surging action that makes these Squid one of the most popular species to target in recent years. It's no exageration in saying these larger Squid of 1.5 to 2.5kg easily strip 20-40mtrs of line in surging pulses when hooked up. This has everyone cheering & smiling.

Yes Squidding is a lot of fun & we'll be offering Squid charters right through the cooler Winter months as there is some good action to be had in coming months.

On all Think BIG Squid charters, we offer premium squidding outfits with the Shimano Sephia BB Series of rods in both 709L & 800L matched to Shimano Ci4 Stradics in 2500 size. These beautifully balanced outfits are true EGI style outfits & are designed for Calamari. With their very slow, soft & forgiving parabolic taper made from 96% Carbon, they are just perfect to use on Squid & make it easy for novice or first time Cephalopodders to fish effectively straight away !!

Here's one pictured above next to some freshly shucked Mussels prior to a Whiting Charter. These outfits are in my mind, one of the better Whiting setups I've used in recent years, so they double up very nicely as a top allrounder for Westernport.  

Check out the pics below, these are just a sample of some of the larger hooded beasts we've encountered over the last month.

Brandon Joel pictured here with a sizeable Cephalopod landed inbetween some great Whiting action

Client Ivan Hendrawan is amazed at this his largest ever Squid taken from a depth of just 2.5mtrs

Belinda Yim plays it cool & is quietly stoked with a huge Calamari landed on a very windy morning session off Hastings.

Belinda's partner Michael Remfrey also had some rod pulsing fun on large Cephalopods, fantastic coloration on this one just in time for a pic.

Client Danni opted for a Sephia Egixile Jig & came up trumps with this quality Calamari

Client Stu Thornton with another Sephia Egixile caught Calamari. Once again on the ever reliable 04T colour jig.

Fruits even had a quick crack & soon found a pulser that took off into the breeze

Longtime friend & Think BIG client, Peter 'Its Gotta Be Red' Ferguson really do's enjoy most forms of fishing, but really gets excited when out amongst the Cephalopods. Here he is with one of many from a recent charter.

Doing what he loves, Ben Emery who has recently done quite a lot of Think BIG Charters as a deckhand has proven himself as a great team member who is always attending to something or cleaning up something. He never stops & I must say that it's great to have a friend & true team player such as you Ben as you're doing an amazing job.

Client Michael Kandanoleon with a large Cuttlefish landed amongst an active bite on big Squid

He soon was back into it & backed it up with fine Squid

All the way from Louisiana USA, Carlos along with a group of work colleagues from Boeing Aerospace Technologies Melbourne found some larger Squid in amongst some quality Whiting pretty hard to go past for a feed & a lot of fun.

Great sample of succulent Whiting from the lower reaches of Westernport

The good Dr Andrew Johnson with another personal best Calamari from a recent Squid charter.

The lovely Della Johnson also found her forte in extracting larger Squid than the guys !!

Hubby Matt Johnson was quick to respond & also found quite a few water surging pulsers too

Herman 'master egi whip' Cabral with another solid Squid landed on a recent Think BIG Squid charter

Fruits & Ben Emery snuck out for a quick few hours last week for a Whiting session. We had some very good quality fishing in a short hour & half session that yielded almost a baglimit, cant complain when you can be off the water in under 2 hours with a top feed.

Young Zak Izzard along with Mum & Dad got into a hot bite of excellent Whiting during the recent school holidays

Sometimes you see things that make you go 'huh'?? This greedy Whiting wasn't satisfied with just one Mussel bait & swam right across to the other side of the boat to engulf another clients bait. Was strange watching two clients battle the same fish...always something else to see out here...

Here's young Callan Albarenque with his first ever King George Whiting, well done Callan!!

Here he is again with a cute little Port Jackson Shark that snaffled up a Whiting bait

 Client Brenton Grice with a very nice Whiting indeed !

Client Stefan Kydas with a great sample of Whiting from Westernport

Fruits with a nice solid Spotted Bone amongst a hot bite of quality Whiting in good numbers

Finally I've Found Some Shimano Twinpower 10,000 SW-A Reels !!

Yes !! Finally !! We've secured a fleet of these high range & brutally strong Shimano Twinpower 10000 SW-A Spinning reels. Firstly there's 2 persons I need to thank for this happening.
Peter Ferguson & Matt Elliott, both of whom informed me of their very limited availability from Tackleworld Cranbourne.
When I saw the pic from the Tackleworld Facebook update that Matt had sent me early that afternoon, I rang them within seconds.

Very happy with these as will clients be on future Think BIG Charters.
These reels are just the best for any trophy species in Westernport & our coastal offshore species too !!
Thanks again guys, David Kramer, Scott Harper, Jarrod Day & everyone at Tackleworld Cranbourne.                 

I feel very excited to have secured these worldclass classics.
They really have created a fine piece of reliable workmanship with these reels. In recent years a good deal of all trophy sized Snapper, Gummy Sharks & Mulloway have been landed aboard Think BIG without incident on these reels. Then there is all of the Kingfish they've battled through, as well as topwater Tuna throwing stickbaits etc.

These reels will soon grace the rod rack on Think BIG on all Big Fish style charters. I'm pretty sure all clients using these fine reels will see the advantage of using a purpose built reel that can knockover any Westernport adversary including supersized Volkswagen sized rays with total ease.

So as you can see we've had a pretty full on past few weeks since the last Think BIG Report. In coming weeks we will be out on Westernport doing what we do best & finding the buckels & chuckles for all clients, both new & returning.

So stay tuned as there'll be some more great charters to report on.