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Winter..'Brrrr' However Locally & Abroad, Fishing Has Been Great !!

Another outrageous sized BIG Squid from a recent Squid Charter on Westernport

As I write this report, I'm looking out at a cold and grey, highly wind filled sky. Winter has landed with a return to what I recall as a child. Cold days & plenty of regular rainfall keeping everything flushing through the systems nicely. Water storages levels statewide have increased dramatically this winter. Going on past seasons, the abundance of good winter rainfall can help increase the following seasons fishing locally.

These sudden but life giving downpours have seen an increase locally on Melbourne waters for guys fishing landbased for Mulloway. Over the past few weeks there has been quite a few reports of Mulloway being landed by those putting in the time in. For some the onset of shorter days & cooler weather heralds the end of their fishing or boating season.

For many years now we've come to embrace the winter months ahead as they've proven time & time again to provide quality fishing. Locally the last two & half months or so we've been doing a lot of Squid & Whiting charters both on Westernport & also along the Peninsula region of Southern Port Phillip Bay.

Now that we have passed the Winter Equinox for the year, each passing day will see a small addition to light increasing. Before too long, it will be spring again & so the seasons continue.

It's all up from here onwards !!

Some of the sessions we've had have been not only memorable, but also absolutley mindblowing. Particulary where BIG Squid are concerned.

Giant Cephaloplodicus from Westernport !!

Client Craig Pringle with an awesome display of Huge Westernport Squid available NOW !!

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Time & time again Think BIG has found monster Cephaloplodicus as they're now known as for clients.

Many clients are in awe at the size of these larger tidal winged cruisers.

Barrel Sized Southern Bluefin Tuna From Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania !!

Big Fish Chasers Rock Wyrsta & Ace Jase teamed up with the YoufishTV Crew onboard the Barcrusher 680HT & landed this Eaglehawk Neck Barrel SBT during May 2013.

Body scarring is from constant Seal attacks that are a problem encountered regularly around these waters when Tuna fishing. These sleek brown fur covered creatures delight in chasing & attacking hooked Tuna of all sizes. Often they end up winning, but in this case the boys were on top of the Seal's game so to speak.

YoufishTV has also been very busy in recent weeks on the Mega Thunnus trail along the east coast of Tasmania. With a skilfull & calculated approach, the team found a whole lot of action for the short time periods they were down there.

Local Whiting are Inviting & Exciting !!

Client Ollie with some very nice quality Whiting well over 40cm's from Portsea recently

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In all it has been a fulfilling & very busy past few months since the last report, so here's a rundown with what has been happening in recent weeks with Think BIG Charters & the YoufishTV Crew.

May & June Charter Report:

Cephalobirds Are Go >>

Client Craig Pringle with a sensational large Cephalopod from Westernport. Note rod in background. It's also attached firmly to another Giant Cephaloplodicus !!

As you'll see over the next few pics we've had some stunning results recently on BIG Squid.

Put simply Think BIG has witnessed more large BIG Squid in recent months than any other charter boat operating in Melbourne. This is no personal ego stroking claim. It is a clear message to everyone, our clients both new & ongoing that we know where to find BIG Squid. On an almost daily basis regardless of the sometimes inclement weather patterns of winter Think BIG has found the results & has had many happy clients who've now landed their personal bests.

If you have a yearning to fish for BIG Squid give Skipper 'Fruits' a call.

Ph Shaun now !!

'0423 696 061'

Shimano Sephia Egixile jigs have been working very well on all Squid charters


Client with a big Squid from the Portsea area on a recent Think BIG Whiting charter

Client William Wu displays a fine Calamari he caught while on a Think BIG Westernport Squid charter

William was on holidays recently from work here in Melbourne & came out with us 3 times within a week!!

Release the Mighty Kraken !!

Client Stephan Kydas almost offered three Hail Mary's when he hooked this Cephaloplodicus Gigantus !!

This Squid @ 56cm hood length, is probably the largest Cephalopod to be landed aboard Think BIG. We've witnessed some very good action on multiple large Squid on many recent Squid charters.

Heres another pic of this monster from Westernport

Fruits with a night time camo cruiser. Well into the 50cm hood range, this critter initially snaffled up a set bait for Gummy Shark in 12mtrs

This large Squid was switched onto a Sephia Egixile Jig in the proven 04T Natural Brown/Red Color. Having a rod ready to go for Squid can certainly pay off. We thought this Squid had eluded us after becoming shy when approaching the boat. After grasping firmly to a Gummy Shark bait on a conventional bottom rig. We had it almost within grabbing distance when it let go & was off. However a quickly placed cast behind the retreating Squid soon worked. Three seconds later it had lunged at the jig in the dark & was hooked up solidly.

Client Michael Remfrey looking very 'egified' in the latest Think Ink Hoodies. He's hooked up to a good sized Calamari that's heading west quickly when pic was shot.

These and other new design YoufishTV Hoodies are available from Lofty & the crew at Compleat Angler Ringwood . Suggest you contact them quickly as a lot were sold at the Melbourne Boat Show a few weeks ago. 

Once again the reliable Sephia Egixile Jig in 04T in size 3:5 with yet another fine capture on Westernport

Think BIG out & about on Westernport getting it's 'EGI On' during a Squid charter

PS: Thanks to Paul 'Egi Kuma' Carter & John 'Ebbtide Adventures' Cahill for the on water pic

Client Steve with his best for the morning landed on a Sephia 01T Orange Rainbow

Client Jay Loone travelled a fair haul from Werribee to join a recent Egi Charter & came up trumps!!

Client John Coleman recently landed his personal best Calamari aboard Think BIG

So as can be easily seen we've had some super Squid sessions over recent charters.

These are just a sample of pics from some of the Squid landed in recent weeks.

This could be you!!

If you've ever wanted to catch & learn more about these fascinating & amazing species.

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Whiting Are Biting & Very Inviting !! 

Longtime friend Neil Ogeary displays quality Winter Whiting from Southern Port Phillip Bay

The recent Whiting fishing has offered plenty of good action. As water temps drop away, many fish including Whiting do start to school up tighter. This is a bonus as when found like this good action can often follow. Every charter we've done on Whiting in recent weeks has been very productive. These fun filled charters are a great way to learn more on Whiting while also being treated to plenty of good sightseeing along the way. The entire region of the Peninsula along the area from Rye to Portsea is very scenic.

Client Joshua Deidun found himself covered in slime after a day out on the Whiting recently

Client Benny Zhou booked the boat with a group of friends recently for some Whiting & Squid action

What a handsome little fellow you are !!

This is a Red Mullet or Whiskered Goatfish. Often caught in the same areas as Whiting & almost as good on the eating scale. Some may even say better, particulary Greek or most Mediterranean fishos!!

We've seen quite high numbers of these fish on some outings.

Can't stop Neil when there's Whiting a biting, Here's another top haul from recent weeks.

We'll be offering Whiting charters until mid September.

For anyone thinking of booking a Think BIG Whiting charter, just follow the link below for further info.

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While Winter Drags, Some Bag the Pags !!

Local resident from downtown Bloaterville, Peter Ferguson has been quietly chipping away on Westernport.

Fishing with Stuart Thornton & using freshly captured Squid, they soon found what they'd set out for in the form of this fine Snapper.

Not a bad effort at all considering the sub 11 degree water temps in many areas along the Nth Arm of the Port. In following days there were other reports of Snapper to 7kg also taken on Squid & other fresh bait offerings such as Salmon & Couta. Putting in the time & fishing flooding or rising tides with ultra fresh baits will help to locate these winter Snapper of Westernport.

Not too long now until Snapper season 2013 is on in earnest !!

To avoid missing out, consider booking your Think BIG Snapper Charter NOW !!

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Secret Silver Have Been Active Also!!

YoufishTV Crew member Robert Johnson or 'Jobert' is stoked with his first Melbourne Mulloway

They say good things take time....well take a bow Mr Johnson !!

I first met 'Jobert' in August 2011 at a Hastings 2.35am or so...

This guy arrived on a motorbike and proceeded to tell me about a Snapper he'd landed earlier that day.

Not much has changed since then, as he's just as crazy keen to fish at ANYTIME & ANYWHERE !!

This Mulloway although not the giant some may have been expecting, still rates highly as even at this size they are still one spooky species when it comes to putting a hook into them. For the record it was captured on light soft plastic tackle & was caught on a soft plastic & not bait as some may have thought.

From all of us here at Think BIG & YoufishTV, Very well done Jobert !!

You kept at it & persisted until you came up with the plum.

YoufishTV, Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania & Huge Barrel Sized Tuna!!

What it's all about. Big Southern Bluefin Tuna or Thunnus as we call them

Note also the long flurocarbon leader used.

Just one of many small changes the crew have utilised to very good effect in a fairly short time period.

Easy do's it while hooked on a barrel & filming for Youfish TV, Thanks again Goepel !!

It's of no secret these days of the phenomenal & remarkable Tuna fishing in Tasmania.

On average there are more 'barrel' sized Tuna sighted, hooked, lost or landed here per day than most other areas in Australia I can think of quickly. Sure Portland on the westcoast of Victoria can take a big pat on their back for exposing a lot of larger Tuna in recent years & again this past season.

However the Eaglehawk Neck region of the Apple Isle is fast becoming the goto location for a very good shot at a barrel or trophy sized Southern Bluefin Tuna. This season from May onwards Winga and the YoufishTV Crew were hot on the trail of the ravenous packs of pilchard gorging machines these larger Tuna are.

Through the excellent efforts of Toll Shipping the Barcrusher 680HT was soon secured & safe, to be set on a Bass Strait journey to Tasmania. Thanks also to the friendly Tasmanian folks who arranged safe storage for the boat whilst in Tasmania, it really has been appreciated.

Rather than stay for week at a time over in Tasmania, a logistical nightmare. The team came up with a better solution.They found that by good local reports via local charter operators such as Stu Nicholls from Doongara Charters. Closely studying altimetry & weather pattern charts, it helped to close the gap on the best timing for these beasts. It obviously worked as the guys were hooked up inside of an hour from leaving the boat ramp.

Amazing & Wild Rugged Scenery of Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania !!

Cape Pillar

This region is some of the most awe inspiring scenery ever.

300 mtr sheer vertical cliffs that plunge immediately into 80mtrs plus & deeper. Its around these prehistoric rock forms that the big Bluefin Tuna are fished for. Baitfish are very concentrated throughout here at times and this acts like a moving foodbelt for the protein crazed barrel sized Bluefin Tuna.

Stretch getting stretched....YoufishTV Crew member 'Dave Beardsworth Standing'

Well done Dave Standing, Winga, Goepel & crew. A great team effort pays off again!!

Happy times and an elated couple of good mates with a great capture !!

Tasman Island

To gauge the size of this Island plateau surrounded by steep dolerite cliffs, that lighthouse on top is a structure around 29 mtrs tall !

Coming home with dignity !!

The Barcrusher 680 HT has certainly been tested in all weather scenarios recently.

As expected it has handled everything it's been through with consumate ease & comfort.

On more than than one occasion Winga has spoken of the excellent dry & comfortable cabin area.

For long days offshore & for filming purposes, it really is a great setup & proven rig.

Oh and did I mention it looks fantastic too in it's 'stealthy black' livery.

Youfish TV has a New Team Member !!

Melanie & Winga showcase the New Shimano Stella 30000 at the Melbourne Boat Show

Everyone meet Melanie Adams.

We first met with Melanie at the recent 2013 Melbourne Boatshow.

Melanie is a keen and very active Olympic Pole Vaulter & has a figure & stunning looks to match.

She also happens to have a great personality & has grown up with fishing here in Melbourne with her family. When YoufishTV offered Melanie to help out with the new seasons filming, she accepted immediately !!

So it's off to the tackle shop we go >>

Tackle & treats to keep it all compleat

Lofty at Compleat Angler Ringwood soon kitted Melanie out with a pile of hot Shimano gear required for upcoming YoufishTV sessions.

Melanie out in the field & outfishing the crew !!

The YoufishTV crew soon had Melanie out and about with them. First session was a cruise along the docklands area of the Yarra River Melbourne in search of the elusive silver ghost of the estuary, Mulloway.

Unfortunately this day proved to be quiet on the Mulloway scene, however it didn't stop Melanie from landing this cheeky juvenile Australian Salmon & upstaging the boys for the day...Yes she caught, they did not !!

There is going to be some massive things happen this year through the lens of the YoufishTV crew, so stick around as it will be worth waiting for.

Until the next Think BIG Charter report, stay safe & true to yourself & others, fish hard & above all enjoy life.





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