Kings, Tuna, Mulloway, Makos & Big Gummy Sharks..Its Game On Now!! in Melbourne Waters!!

In what has been a massive year of natural destruction for many fellow Australians with recent flooding of many areas nationwide, both locally here in Melbourne and of course further North in NSW & Queensland.

We've now today, just had very solemn news filter through that our close neighbours across Bass Strait & over the ditch in New Zealand have suffered possibly the worst ever recorded earth quake just hours ago.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to all at this time of devastation for all families affected in this latest crisis. Australia has pledged our assistance & will do what we can to provide much needed help & shelter as well as an ongoing program to help rebuild New Zealand back to what it was.

Godspeed from all of the Think Big! Team.

This report has a lot to offer to our continually growing database of clients.

The fishing once again locally has been nothing short of astounding with some real eye opening sessions on many sought after Offshore species such as Kingfish, Mako Sharks, Striped Tuna.

Inside Western Port there has been plenty of first class fishing for Trophy sized Gummy Sharks & wrist straining thumping Whiting. Also some Huge 7 Gills have made an appearance.


Think BIG moment: Tony Blackford with a wonderful 13kg WP mulloway taken on fresh squid in recent weeks.  Fish of this calibre are about from now until May on the port.  On average, we end up with as many mulloway at the end of each season as we do trips, thats a pretty good average, unfortunately we cannot guarantee them but if you are prepared to follow what we teach you on a mulloway tuition trip then success will be yours. 

Kings Rule the Reefs:

Once again a fanatastic few weeks has been had on some local Kingfish sessions. With a few short lived strikes on some occasions after these yellowtailed green back brutes of the reefs make it back home & leave the angler gasping & wondering, not to mention the sore arms and sliced fingers after braid contacts flesh while running seaward at a huge rate of knots. With drag settings from 15 to 18kg on average, there has been some dour struggles against these hard fighting hoodlums of Melbourne waters.

Make no 'bones' about it, these fish are as brutal as fishing can get locally, with sharp angling skills required at all times as well as advanced trolling & baiting techniques the key to regular hookups. Soft plastics have accounted for a good share of this action, with the timing critical when placing casts at likely looking areas.

Note the word hookup instead of captures. Yes not all Kingfish that are hooked are landed, but thats what keep the Think Big! Team spirit alive & kicking as we know there is some absolute horse sized Kingfish amongst the recent captures.

 King Wing, is he Happy ? You bet your sweet livebait he is !!     These fish are a result of a huge team effort where every member has added valuable knowledge or technique to make it happen.


                                    Note the use of a landing net in the background of the You Fish TV 620 Barcrusher.Use of a net is far preferred over a gaff when handling these hard fighting yet fraglie fish for pics prior to release. Almost all Kings landed recently have been released after a few pics. Sure we have kept a couple for a feed as they do eat well particulary when barbequed, we still like to see more returned to where they live as these fish are just far too special to catch just once. 

Wing-King loves his Seriola's & gives this lumpy King a loving hug & has a few pics taken before releasing it.

Many people have been asking for exact locations recently & I suppose this would almost be expected given the general scope of many Melbourne based fishos. However we can unequivocally state that these King fish can be taken (and have been) right along the coast from Portland to the bottom of Wilsons Promontory. Huge area you may say, well although this is true, by keying into an area that has good temps, currents & also baitfish and structure in form of rocks, it isn't that hard to start seeing these places with a bit of looking. That's what the Think Big! Team has done & is now finding Kings in some areas not many would have considered a season or two back.  Every single headland we have visited in this zone has either produced or visually revealed kings.  That is all the info anyone needs to get into them.  We expect much bigger fish to come and come soon.


Striped Tuna a Little Sooner:

Yes those plump striped powerpacked krill crunching Tuna are back with avengeance in local waters. Many areas of Bass Strait and even the lower reach's of Western Port some days are seeing huge patches erupt chock full of very frightened baitfish & hungry ravenous Striped Tuna hot on their tails. These Tuna are following some very very warm currents that are closely following the peninsula & bass beaches regions at the moment. To say there is a lot out there is almost an understatement as we've witnessed large schools recently that are easily the size of a typical football ground in diameter. Often there are numbers of these large patches present in Bass Strait and MAN do these schools move fast, you often need to be planing just to keep up with them.

However like Tuna the world over they can be notoriously shy of a hook or lure offering on some days. In practice we have learned that tiny to small lures in the 15gm size being accepted as well as ultra small plastic occies rigged lightly so they swim straight. These Stripeys don't seem to jump all over huge lures unlike their cousins further North at Bermagui & Narooma.

It all comes down to matching the hatch & currently these Tuna are feeding on ultra small clear & white colored baitfish of around 15 to 25mm as well as the krill schools that frequent Bass Strait from now until Winter.

These Tuna should feed for at least another 6 weeks or so & are fast becoming a very popular target with our Offshore Charters, For those interested in having some true line burning action on light soft plastics tackle with these speedsters, Please don't hesitate in contacting us promptly as seats are filling fast on charters.

Local Mornington Peninsula gun fisho & all round nice guy 'Higgs' with a tasty treat destined for a bit of sushi & maybe a bit of fresh Gummy Bait for inside fishing.


Mako's Up Before The Berley Trail Starts:

Well recently we had what we would deem a special day while out on a Mako charter. Found some very promising warm water in only 55mtrs and had made the decision to do a bit of 'power chumming' prior to starting the drift. This however was interrupted when a Mako of a conservative 200kilo's easily was spotted not 50mtrs from where I had intended to start. This huge Mako was feeding eagerly on small couta & striped tuna in the area & couldn't be coerced into taking a bait. We were in the midst of closing the gap with 'Bigtime' to try to offer up a bait when a fired up Mako of 50kg's arrives at the transom between the Honda's.

Quickly offered it up a fresh bait and we were on, however this hookup was short lived after a failing of the wire trace causing us to part ways with this very acrobatic Mako. It had jumped twice before the brief encounter ended as quick as it started. Mako fishing can be like that.

We continue on and soon after we had a school of couta all round the boat, this is always a great sign & sure enough just seconds after I'd watched the couta sound deeper & dissapear, I also watched as 4 nervous seagulls in our trail suddenly lifted and took to the air. I made the comment, bet there is a Mako close by. 30 seconds later a fired up Mako of 40kg's arrives and is clearly in feed me mode. A whole small Yakka caught earlier was offered up & taken immediately. Hookup was fantastic with this Mako getting right out of the water and providing all clients with some twists & manouveres they won't forget in a hurry.

Skipper Fruits & client Chook Sel share the load on this chunky steel blue dynamite stick of Bass Strait

Client Mark Jakel with a Mako taken recently aboard Bigtime while in Bass Strait

NOW!!! is the time to book your Mako Charter with Think Big! The Mako fishing is currently at it's peak and will continue for a few more weeks yet. Don't hesitate or you'll miss out until next year on one of the oceans most highly rated species. A must for all offshore enthusiasts. You will also learn a whole lot of techniques & tips a plenty during these offshore sojourns in Bass Strait.


Big Gummy Sharks Go Fast & Are Hard To Go Past:

Yes we have also had plenty of good Gummy Sharks recently with some of these lovely big girls going better than 18kg. Any over 12kg's have been released quickly after a few pics. Once again these fish are far too special to kill and fillet. Far better to capture the moment on film & let them go back to the areas they come from.

Joseph Fernand shows his style with a very good quality Gummy taken while out with us recently. Nice one Joseph & I'm sure it's just the tip of the iceberg for you and the Think Big Team.

Recently we had regular client Adam Rose take up a guide trip with Gawaine aboard Adams boat. After explaining the in's & outs of obtaining good quality fresh bait & then demonstrating the areas to target, the guys found a likely looking area along the western channel. With good fresh baits wafting down with the current flow it wasn't too long until this lovely Gummy of around 17kg was taken by Adam. To say he was stoked is an understatement as the smile above reveals.

Soon though this was to be matched by Adams fishing buddy when this healthy Gummy came along and inhaled another of their fresh baits.

This is another terrific example & reason to consider a guided tuition style trip aboard your own boat as it will increase your knowledge many times over during the course of the session. If you add up all the misses & may have's over the length of just one fishing season, you'll see that these guide trips do provide an excellent learning curve at a very moderate & reasonable rate. Everything is supplied on these sessions, with top shelf tackle used for all species targeted.


Big 7 Gills Are Providing Some Thrills:

Clients recently have been hooking into some very large 7 Gill Sharks while on our Gummy Charters. These hefty dorsal finless Sharks are no stranger to the Gummy grounds as they do include Gummy Sharks amongst their preferred diet, Yes that's right these Sharks eat Gummy Sharks. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal we can do about this however we can have a bit of fun with these lumpy adversaries. Single inline pattern circle hooks have proven themselves to get a good purchase in the lip region of these serrated toothed Sharks.

Having had them to around the 70kilo mark recently, we were not suprised at all to find this larger beast take a liking to a half samon bait we had out recently while in the Merricks region of Western Port.

 When it takes four grown men to hold & control it you know you've got a fair sized Shark aboard. This big girl was lifted aboard for some pics before being released by the clients. They already had a top feed of both Gummy Shark & Whiting, and were more than happy to release it back into lower Western Ports tidal streams.


Spotted Bones or Fighting Whiting, Either Way They're Just So Inviting:

With the limelight on many other species for the moment, its also hardly the time to forget about those mussel slurping quick biting King George Whiting. Both Western Port & Port Phillip Bay are experiencing a bumper season on them. Both afternoon & mornings have produced for our charters with no one stand out tide the best. Best baits have been fresh Mussel by far closely followed by fresh strips of tenderised Calamari.

The size of these fish is growing steadily & as the nights become cooler over the next few months there will be some larger schools of Whiting grouping up & making there way down through the Port. This is when some real 'fumpha's can be taken in numbers. This can make for some fantastic memorable sessions.

The guys from Active Display Group in Mulgrave had a big afterwork session recently on Bigtime on the Whiting off St Kilda. Great afterwork option are the midweek charters with workmates or friends.

Good way to dust off the work blues by coming out with Think Big! Charters for a bit of good old fashioned competition with your mates. (reduced pricing for midweek trips, see booking calendar page)


Until the next Think Big! Charter report.

Remember good things happen for a reason, so always Think Big! & the Big Fish will come.

Cheers TBC












Big Gummys, Big Kingfish & Big Whiting... Thinking Big! Works!!

Another amazing week has passed for the Think Big Team, with many more great captures achieved by both Winga & Gawaine & also Shaun & Richard.

In short there is some serious world class fishing right here on our very own doostep in Melbourne.

With trophy Gummy Shark to over 25kg's this week, the addition of Yellowtail Kingfish to over 14kg's all taken in local waters & not further Nth at more popular destinations such as Eden or Bermagui or West at Portland.

As well, there has also been plenty of excellent sized 'Spotted Bones (Whiting) to over 44cm's & Salmon to well over 2.5 kg.

The Think Big Team have once again proven that we understand the Premier Species locally & more importantly have the drive, ambition & passion to achieve this for our clients on a very regular basis.

Giant Gummy Sharks of the Tidal Streams are on the Western Port Scene !!

Now is the time to book your Think Big! Trophy Gummy Charter !!

The next 8 weeks is the Prime Time to land that Great Grey Sub !!

The past couple of weeks has been very productive with Gummys from 10kg up to 21kg+ on almost every trip. Some sessions have been mind boggling to the say the least with numbers of larger Gummy's over 15kg in very good numbers. How does 8 on a trip sound ??

Yes you read correct, 8 large Gummys on a single Think Big! Charter.

This happened recently while the team was out during a midweek charter session after work.



Toadie lands his Giant Sub!!

One of our Think Big! Mr Fisho website regular clients Matthew, recently had his Think Big! dream made for him with this lovely 17kg+ Female Gummy Shark. This fish was landed after a fairly easy initial hook & fight, however once netted & brought aboard, all hell broke loose. With this big strong girl making sure Matt wasn't going to forget the experience by knocking off his glass's & giving him a Gummy Loveslap to the side of his face. This beautiful girl was released after a few quick pics were snapped off.


A close call for Matt & a good reminder of how strong these Great Grey Subs are when inside the confines of a boat.

Well done Matthew, You deserved to finally land a big Gummy Shark & great to see you release it also.

Think Future !!

Here's a few more pics of recent Gummys taken aboard Think Big! Charters

 Fruity found this quality Gummy of 13+kg for clients recently aboard Bigtime

     This Gummy of better than 8kilo's smashed a fresh Salmon bait off Hastings 


15kg Tidal Stream Cruiser taken during the night shift aboard Think Big! 

Now this is a nice Gummy...At better than 23kg, this client was over the moon after hugging it for a few pics before having Gawaine swiftly release it.


Think Big! Regular & good friend Tim Haw with an excellent 10kg specimen just prior to release

Another Tim, this time with a similar sized Gummy taken aboard Think Big! during a recent evening Big Gummy Charter. This guy was so stoked to land this 15kg beast, as he has wanted to do so for a while now. 

Daytime also produces good quality Gummys as can be seen with this nice 8kg+ female taken recently on a Salmon bait.

 Happy client aboard Think Big! recently with a 12kg bait smasher.

This big girl of 17kg was a real handful when first boated & gave us the treatment before we could calm her down snap off a few pics then release here, as seen below in the next pic.

Fruits give this big breeder female Gummy a good saltwater flushing to ensure good survival of these very important Sharks.


Kingfish Are Here !! & are helping to untap some of Melbournes longest known secrets.

Yes the Yellowtail Kingfish are here and not just incidental captures either.

No the Think Big Team has slowly been adjusting their methods & techniques to this almost untapped fishery here in Melbourne waters.

These fish aren't easy & require a very dedicated approach not just to fishing for them, methods used include both bait & or lure.

How to best handle those monumenal strikes these Green Backed Hoodlums are famous for the world over is something that all anglers debate about. Some prefer the softly softly approach after hookup, while others are more into the drag em out of the reefs scene.

No stand out method has been better than the other, with these Kings being taken on both bait & lures.

With Yellow Tail Kingfish landed to over 14+kg recently, there is going to be some bigger & better sized fish turn up from time to time.

The Think Big crew are currently testing & adjusting their techniques almost every time they have ventured out to fish for these amazingly strong dogged fighting fish & they have pulled the plums & put the icing on the cake on most occasions.

Here's a few pics from some great sessions on these yellow tailed brutes of Victoria.


 Winga is on top of the world after landing this hefty local Kingfish recently 


A great pic of true Think Big! Team work at play during a mad session on the local Kings.

Think Big! regular client Joseph with another excellent example of whats available when you apply yourself & really start to Think Big!!

Now while many people will have an interest in doing a Think Big! Charter on these fantastic Kingfish, It's our decision at this point in time to not operate Charters on them regulary as they aren't an easy species available every day & a lot of ground work is still being done almost daily to keep intune with these fish & their ever changing habits.

If we do decide to run some Charters targetting these Kingfish, rest assured you will read about it here first!!


Whiting are continuing their Biting & Fighting

Yes those soft bait slurping Whiting we affectionately have labelled " Spotted Bonefish' continue to excite many of our clients. We've had great sessions recently not just in Western Port but also across the Great Dividing Range over in Port Phillip Bay.

The Western shorelines of the Werribee region have seen very good numbers & quality recently.

Using freshly shucked Mussels has accounted for the following bags of Whiting aboard Think Big! Charters in the last week or so.

Super Deckie Mick has a whole lot of fillets in front of him after a great session with a few friends from Mr Fisho recently aboard Bigtime. A big thankyou to 'Joey' for sending me 300 txt's for the week prior insisting we needed to get over there and have a closer look. It was well worth the trip over Joey, Thanks mate.

Shaun (Fruits) with a Trifecta of wrist straining 'Spotted Bones' taken recently in some deeper regions of Western Port. At 44cm's or better these fish just keep on taking line when hooked up, great fish !!

46cm's of prime Whiting, no the outfit in the background wasn't used for these brutes, however it shows you that we often encounter these excellent fish while targeting Gummy Shark. Not a bad by-catch when you think of it.

Mr Red Rooster of the Sth East (Pete), displays an excellent board full of Spotted Bones landed in crystal clear water recently using Mussels (what else?) for bait. This was a torrid bite lasting just 20 or 30mins, but it was enough to secure Pete a terrific feed of one of Australia's most popular & sometimes most expensive fish.


Salmon are in the Port & are providing both Fresh bait & a LOT! of Fun!!

Recently while returning from an Offshore Charter we found a huge school of surface feeding Salmon. These fish are of an excellent size averaging 2 to 2.5kg & are just the ticket for using lighter soft plastic style outfits.

There no pushover however as their feeding on tiny minute krill & juvenile anchovies.

Small Shimano Squidgie Pilli patterns in the 50 to 75mm range are a good choice as are tiny metal slices cast at the surface boils.

Again try to keep your distance as they can spook easily & sound down deeper.

They become difficult to catch when this happens.

An approach with caution attitude is best so as not to send the Salmon down. Try to position yourself so the school moves towards you, rather than blind trolling. They will always herd the baitfish into the wind or current. The change of tides will see the best action & it can pay to keep a lookout for those excellent white signposts in the sky, Terns.

These birds are pretty reliable when it comes to Salmon & will usually depart an area quickly when the action stops or moves on, so always keep an eye out for these feathered professional fishermen.

Sample of the size encountered while working active surface feeding schools of Australian Salmon. Absolute FUN!! using a Shimano Starlo Stix 7012 Flats Spin rod & Shimano Stradic 2500 reel.


Until next report,

Keep those baits Fresh & keep on Thinking Big!

Those BIG FISH are just out there waiting for you.

Cheers from all of the TBC


Fighting Whiting, Giant Gummys, XOS Snapper from Sth East Gippsland & Supersized Squid from the Tidal Streams of Western Port

I suppose no one could have predicted that the new year would start with the sheer amount of huge rainfalls the nation has received in the past few weeks.

All of the Team at Think Big send out our deepest sympathy & greatest condolences to all people affected in the recent floods both in all parts of Queensldand & New South Wales & not forgeting the other people closer to home here in Victoria.

As a nation of many past natural disasters, We're sure the Aussie spirit will shine on through & through in this time of need & pitch in to lend a hand to all people where required.


All of this extra rainfall locally here in Melbourne has seen the fishing explode in recent weeks with all popular species being consistently landed in many areas.


Western Port:

Whiting have been a very consistant catch aboard both Think Big! & Bigtime this past few weeks.

The quality and size of some of these terrific fish is testament to a Commercial net free tidal system, with many sessions producing Whiting over the 46cm range. These fish are at their peak when found in this size range & really do put up a very spirited fight on the light gear we use.

Morning bites have been reliable with a mixture of Fresh Mussel & Fresh Squid strips accounting for many fish. Cocktail baits are also a good way of finding the better "fumpha" or "elbow slapper" sized Whiting of better than 44cm's.

Tankerton & many areas along the Eastern Channel as well as the Tortoise Head Bank have & are producing reliable fishing most days. The start & ends of tides are seeing the better results with a good bite also being experienced later in the afternoon as the sun drops down towards dusk.

This is especially noticeable after a very bright day when there has been little cloud cover. Late afternoon/evening fishing can also see some outsized Whiting of 45cm's plus taken in good numbers fairly quickly.

This was the case recently when Winga had good friend & west coast correspondant Marty Ellul aboard the YouFish TV Barcrusher 620. Firstly though a larger adversary was aptly hunted down & intercepted off the Lysaghts area near Hastings. With a couple hours left in the ebbing tide, a great grey sub of around 15 kilos was landed by a very content Marty.


What a great catch for Marty & his lovely son Xavier. Checkout the light cloud & perfect port conditions. With this goal accomplished, Winga soon announced he may be able to find them a few fumpha Whiting. Moving closer to Stony Point, He didn't disappoint with some rod cracking action on these spotted bait slurpers.

Young Bille Wing Smith didn't mess about either with some excellent fish landed on this hot evening bite.

                     Xavier is very happy with this feisty Whiting.

Marty later said to me at the ramp "Been here twice & had personal bests each time"

This same evening Shaun or 'Fruity', was also out on Big Time & also found a hot patch of obliging Whiting for his charter of 6 clients. With a Christmas party crew aboard it was a pretty busy afternoon, with the fishing action ensuring they celebrated long after the charter had finished.

     Chris shows his style swinging in quality fish in the fading light. 

           Just a sample of a quality catch of Whiting from Western Port landed in a few hours.

Think Big & YouFish TV combined our talents recently & were very priviliged to have aboard one of the top Shimano Australia representatives in the form of Colin Tannerhill.

Colin is an old maestro of Whitng fishing in the waters of Western Port, having the good fortune of being taught many many years earlier under the guidance of one of Australia's best known & feared Whiting exponents, Bill Copeland. Colin took time out of his busy Melbourne schedule while down from Sydney to show us lads how to really get amongst some Whiting on Western Port & he sure did teach us a lesson or two.

Fishing on a day that was pretty busy boatwise on the Port, it was what many would say ideal Whiting weather & tides. With an ebbing tide for the morning we set off in the YouFish TV 620 Barcrusher.

First stop was Tankerton, on an area we had fished only days before & although we were catching consistently, Colin knew better & guided us without gps to an area just a few metres away from where we were. Instantly we were all on to better sized fish. This action tapered after small Salmon were invading us, some were kept to be used later as Gummy baits on upcoming charters.

Once again Colin directed us in the search for quality fumpha sized Whiting & on almost every occasion didn't have too much trouble in finding them. For a guy who hasn't fished Western Port in over 7 years, to say we were impressed was an understatement.

We managed to put together a terrific action packed episode of YouFish TV that culminated in Colin knocking over several true fumpha Whiting all over the 46cm mark, with one red lipped beast giving 48cm's a good nudge.

Well done & thanks Colin for taking time out & showing us a whole lot more on these wonderful fish.


Sample of curved mouth soft bait inhaling Western Port Whiting taken while filming a YouFish TV Episode on Christmas eve.


Fruits found a Fumpha recently & coined the phrase "Western Ports Spotted Bonefish"

While guide fishing in the Merricks region of Western Port this wrist cracking specimen of 49 plus centimetres was a pb so far for him.


 Fairly apt term when fish of this calibre inhale a fresh Mussel & Squid cocktail offering.


48+ cm Whiting from the Somers region.

With the Western Port Whiting Challenge not too far away, its fish of this range that will be in the running for the major prizes. Think Big will be running charters during this comp & aim to find some of these for clients. 

Here's a few more pics from recent Whiting sessions in all sorts of weather from brilliant sunshine right across the board to 40 knot winds with huge downpours of soaking rain.

Jason who owns & runs the Somers Holiday Village & Caravan Park has been getting amongst the Whiting with clients recently.

Jasons son Corey with a pair of hefty 'spotted bones' amongst a catch of over a dozen xos Whiting all over 44cm's from a deep drop near the Western Channel.


 Big Gary, Glenn & Corey are stoked with these Whiting, 2 fillets makes a big meal !!   

 Big Neil Isiderio with another fine example of a Western Port Spotted Bonefish


Skipper Fruits with a Think Big bait board sample of some elbow slapping Whiting taken in a torrential downpour last Thursday.

A very rain sodden day on the Port, who would have thought that 45 mins prior to this pic it was blowing a minimum 35 knots from the sth west after a 30 knot northerly earlier in the morning. Thinking Big turned the tables for this group of clients from the nearby Somers Holiday Village.


Saturday 15th Jan saw the crew from Kmart along with some of their friends jump aboard Bigtime.

With a tide rising to full, the Eastern Channel was the area we looked at & we weren't disappointed with a great time had by all. Later in the afternoon as predicted the action hotted up which saw the guys get amongst the Whiting & had many laughs as they landed fish.

      Full boat with a very happy crew & a sample of the Whiting caught for the trip.


Western Ports Giant Gummys Have Arrived !! :

As we predicted a few weeks ago this past fortnight has seen a return of these amazing slender grey colored crab hunting Sharks.

The build up has been like a steady trickle with plenty of 7,8 & 9kg specimens being landed when fishing favorable tides & areas we know where to find them on.

Flesh baits such as Fresh Salmon & Fresh Couta have accounted for quite a few recently & this will only increase in the coming weeks as more & more of these huge grey beasts move into Western Port to pup & create a better ongoing fishery for all people to benefit from.

Big Neil Isiderio & friends had a great evening onboard Bigtime after first taking the time to secure some lovely fresh Couta baits from nearby Crib Point. The result was 3 excellent Gummys to 9kg taken out from Hastings.

 These guys all hail from the Phillipines & went into overdrive when the action was on with a lot of laughs  & ultra high speed chatting, It's always entertaining with this group aboard.


Another satisfied & happy client from the Somers Holiday Village Caravan Park


Fruity with a solid salmon chunk crashing Gummy of 7kg plus.


Think Big! Has a Hot Saturday Evening on Monster Gummys:

Just last week during a torrid 4 hours eve session, we found a hot bite of Gummys from 14 kg up to a line stripping, rod kicking 21kg's. Clients from the Compleat Angler Tackle group were understandably very very satisfied with a great session on these tidal speedsters.

Salmon & Yakka chunk style baits were the choice offering this night & they also had the misfortune of loosing a couple of others to assorted problems such as razor sharp reef & suspected bite off's during the fight by large Seven Gill Sharks.

This Gummy was over the 16kilo mark & really took some line on the initial strike.


Another fine daylight capture before the sun dropped away & the evening bite commenced.


Quality Gummy at better than 14 kilo.

This big pregnant mummy was a show stopper run wise.

I had the good fortune to hear this fish take off via the mobile phone on the way home from my charter, To hear a Stella unload its braid under medium to heavy drag settings had the hairs on my neck tingle with the excitement & anticipation of getting out there very soon.

Once landed safely the guys were amazed to feel the shark pups inside this lovely pregnant mums belly writhing around like eel's in a grey thick skinned sock.

Cranbourne Tackleworld Staff Member Jarrod 'Pap' Day also got in on the wrestlemania fun with a strong rolling fight sustained by this big girl while holding it for some photo's.

Check out the facial expressions on Jarrad as he go's about trying to tame this Huge Grey Beast.


  Now is the time to book your Trophy Gummy Charter with Think Big as its just going to go from strength to strength from now until the start of Winter. With the peak time now until March, you had best hurry and organise a group or book individually as spots will fill fast as captures are reported every few days.

Sth East Gippslands Trophy Snapper Continue to Feed....

In the last Think Big report there was mention of some outstanding Snapper fishing Winga & friends had experienced, well read on as it isn't over yet down in this magic part of Victoria...

Yet again the Port Welshpool region has produced some outstanding Snapper fishing for those putting in the time in this highly tidal Inlet. Recently Jarrod Day was into these fine fish courtesy of local Charter operator Ryan Ware from AE Charters.

The pics tell the story of these thumping great Snapper.

At well over 20lb these fish are as good as it gets for anglers prepared to put in the time.




Big Squid in Western Port:

With so much focus by many fisho's on other current species such as Whiting & Gummy Shark, many have forgotten about the large Squid. Currently Western Port & the Southern areas of nearby Port Phillip Bay are producing some fine sized Squid.

These Squid are responding to both arificial jigs such as the Shimano Sephia range (these jigs are amazingly good at producing Squid during tougher days), with drifting a good way of covering an area quickly if pressed for time.

However taking the time to anchor & add a bit of burley to the area while fishing baits below floats on wire spike arrangements has seen very good captures in bag limit quantitys on some outings.

Think Big! client Glen Giles has on several occasions returned to the ramp at Stony Point with Squid up to 2.5 kilo using the anchor and burley method. These Squid at this size make many many baits for all species that we target as well as a superb feed for the rest of the family & friends.

We have special rates available for midweek Squid Trips & these are all available on our Booking Calendar link on the website home page.

        A recent sizeable Cephalopod taken on an artificial jig by a satisfied client who also landed Whiting to 48 cm's on the day

Mighty Mulloway Are ACTIVE IN THE PORT !!

Last night (Sun Jan 23rd) some very welcome & exciting news from Winga & Gawaine came through.

After securing some A1 Mulloway offerings in the form of fresh Squid, the boys along with Gawaines daughters set the trap with a spread of fresh squid baits. Didn't have to wait too long either, with this fantastic start to the W'Port Mulloway Season.

At 13kg it was a top way to end a lovely summers afternoon out with the kids.

NOW !! Is the time to book your Mulloway Charter with

Melbournes Most Consistent Jewfish Producers !

Our Coota Craft vessel, Think Big! is available & ready to make that silver dream materialise for you.

Don't hesitate, Book now !!

Ring Shaun: 0423 696 061



From all of the Think Big Crew, Stay Safe & keep on Thinking Big!




Western Ports Tidal Treats, Offshore Sharking Feats, Sth Gippslands & Arno Bay's Think Big Red Beasts !!

As I write this report I'm still trying to come to terms with what has been another grand week of fishing adventures for the THINK BIG! TEAM & some amazing triumphs both close to home in Western Port & further afield in a trifecta of fishy filled haunts.

Western Port:

Think Big has been amongst some fair Snapper action again this week with quality fish available on most outings. The size of fish we've seen this week has been up to the 4kg mark on average.

However I've witnessed a few around 7-8kg plus over the week shown to me by some good anglers.

Again these fish were taken from Western Port. All areas of the port are producing Snapper although they are slowing up in numbers to what they were a couple of weeks ago. This is typical for the time of year & more importantly the quite high water temps of 21.5 in some regions. If you are chasing larger trophy size fish, I suggest finding water around the 18.5 to 19 degree range for your best chances on a Big Red.

Snapper locally in Western Port:Adam Xuereb gets a little wide mouthed as he yells in excitement as a Snapper rips of line against a very firm drag setting aboard 'Bigtime' last Thursday evening.

Nice one Ad's :)

Mick has finally got that Irish Leprachaun off his back as he beams with his first Snapper ever !!

Hooked Up!

This Snapper found the Fresh Salmon offered up just too irresistible to pass by.


Gummy Sharks Passing By In The Tide Day & Night:

Again this week some lovely specimens of Mustelus Antarticus or better know as Gummy Sharks have shown up in many areas of Western Port.

'Bigtime' had a quality model inhale a Fresh Salmon chunk on Sunday last week.

'Big Bait Benny' smiles with his excellent capture of an excellent Gummy Shark of just on 12kg's.

Also had another eater size Gummy show during the darker hours.

Slap, Slap.. Mr Camera Man !! Take That !!

Winga & Bill Dakis got amongst some action also on Wed eve off Hastings with this Grey channel cruiser of around 20keg's. Nice effort considering it was taken on a bait more inline with Whiting fishing. But it wasn't a frozen offering, no it was a Fresh Gut section of Calamari landed an hour or so prior to settling in on an area chosen.

Fighting Whiting Are Just So Inviting:

With a small opportunity earlier this week for a day off, Gawaine, Richard & Relatives & Fruits did what any other good fisho does & went for a fish of course!!

Whiting were the target on this fine clear morning on Tuesday. Fresh Mussels had been sourced the day before by Shaun & he'd gone to the trouble of 'shucking' them from their shells prior to the trip so everything was all ready for the action later in the morning.

The area chosen was off French Island near Tortoise Head. With the trickle of ebb just starting to move, It wasn't long before there was some familiar rattles on all rod tips. Talk about 'FUN'!!! These Whiting were pretty ravenous on the baits with quality fish of 35 cm's plus coming in.  

The better sized fish of 40 plus cm's also made a welcome appearance. As held hear by Richards Nephew.

Shaun with a true Western Port Fumpha. At better than 43cm's, You know you've been Whiting fishing when these Fumpha's get a roll after hook up and speed off with the current.

Sample of some great sport on light gear using Fresh Mussels.

Offshore Sharks Are Ready For Action !!

Good mate Bill W got amongst the seasons first offshore Shark action I've heard of in our local patch this week. With some reports of the Cody Bank region east of the San Remo or Eastern Entrance available, he did a run down here with mate Scott. Although conditions did start to deteriorate later in the day, they pressed on and continued to feed burley heavily in the form of Salmon, Yakka's & other assorted oily fish. Their hard work paid off with a reasonable sized Blue Shark cruising into their trail.

It took some coaxing but finally succumbed to a small bait on light game gear.

Images aren't the best quality, but you can clearly see this lovely Shark as it crusies in not afraid of anything.

Well done Bill on another step up the hill of success. This Shark was released unharmed after a few pics. They also had a sizeable Mako move in and depart just as quickly before they could offer up a bait. It's going to be another productive season on these open water Sharks across the sandy fish filled regions of Bass Strait.

Arno Bay Snapper:

Well Gawaine and a bunch of regular keen fisho's from Melbourne have once again made their way over to that Snapper University known as Arno Bay in beautiful South Australia. True to form they haven't been disapointed with the quality of fish on offer. Soft Plastics have again accounted for the majority of the larger Trophy sized Snapper.

With Snapper over the 15kilo mark landed & successfully released, little wonder it is regarded as the Capital of Snapper fishing world wide for its stunning consistency to produce fish in numbers over the crazy size range of 10kilo's plus. Think Big! Regular Tim Haw with an amazing Snapper of 15.3kg & a definate PB from the fish rich waters of Arno Bay.

Some of the Think Big guided crew with their Snapper from Arno Bay.

Jan- 5th Jan 2011: There is one last seat available for this trip in a couple of weeks. This is the time to target the monster Snapper that Arno Bay is famous for worldwide.

For any people genuinely interested in becoming a part of the next Think Big! trip, Please contact Shaun asap on 0423 696 061 for further details & pricing etc.


Corner Inlet & Port Welshpools Red Tide has Peaked !!

Winga had tuned into some reliable whispers earler this week & absolutely had probably the best ever session encountered whilst fishing in Victrian waters. With a crew of seasoned Snapper anglers aboard the You Fish TV 620 Barcrusher they set off for a nights fishing the extreme tidal ranges of Corner Inlet.

To say they had a good night is the understatement of the season as far as XOS Snapper go. With many many multiple hookups and loaded rods for quite a few hours the boys really thought they may have driven too far & gone to Sth Australian waters, But no this was good old Victoria at it's best.

With a crazy 32 Snapper!! to well over 12kilo's!! landed & just 5 kept.

A lot of this action was filmed for You Fish TV with the rest being gently released after a quick press of the camera's shutter button, all aboard were blown away by the hot action encountered. Fresh Squid accounted for most of the Snapper, with single circle hooks once again proving their devastating effectiveness in tidal streams.

The beautiful lines of a true old man Snapper held by Winga before release.

Bill Dakis with a great Snapper easily topping the 10kg mark.

Just check the proboscis on this shell crushing Pagrus Auratus!!

Another pair of stupendous sized Snapper from Corner Inlet.

Rodney (Notsogameangler) also got into some very large Snapper action during the night shift.

This Snapper held by Josh just isn't justified in the pic above as the angle is a bit misleading. However have a close look at the huge thick tail wrist & sheer depth of fish from the top of its head down to it's underside. This Snapper was easily in the 11-12kg range & like almost all others was also released.

These fish are far too precious to catch and kill just once, far better to snap off a few pics & let these outsized Snapper roam the tidal waters of South Gippsland once again.


Until the next Think Big! Report,

All of us here at the Think Big! Team would like to thank everyone for their assistance in making this past year very very memorable & that everyone has a safe & happy Christmas with their familes & a fish filled prosperous New Year ahead in 2011...





Western Port's Great Greys, Super Snapper & BIG! Whiting are on Fire !!

We'll it would be fair to say that the past few days of action on Western Port has been nothing short of absolutely phenomenal fishing!!

Once again the tidal streams of Western Port have produced some truly amazing captures.

Friday 3rd Dec Morning:

I answer the nokia to an excited Winga who's just returned from a YouFish TV Filming session amongst the big grey girls. Between gasps he explains they have done it & tells me of a terrific capture & release of a thumping great School Shark. To put things into perspective, it needs to be mentioned that although these fast swimming grey hunters of the deep are often hooked, they are unfortunately rarely landed by many anglers.

The Think Big Team has some technically advanced rigging methods that have once again proven we are on the right track in regards to landing these grey toothy species.  We would like to thank Dean from Rig Master for the bits and pieces he supplies upon request for the various trials the boys perform to test their own rigs.  We will share more on YouFishTV on exactly how we go about it tempting and these beasts and landing them.

Galeorhinus galeus or School Shark or Winga's White Whale :)

Winga holds aloft the premier species that is all too often hooked but rarely landed.

A true pinnacle of success on the species known as School Shark.

At better than 23 kilos it was a fitting session to end on after landing & releasing a number of Gummy Sharks to a whopping 21kg.

Fishing for Gummys with the kids:

Friday evening just prior to a storm hitting Western Port.

Richard, Gawaine & his daughters Asher & Poppy had a quick session on the Ports Gummys.

The point of the exercise was to have Asher land her first xos Gummy.

This was achieved in a session that lasted under 2 hours from leaving the ramp at Stony Point until their return.

More Family Gummy action:

Winga also got amongst the action during the week during the darker hours.

With his two kids Bille & Fin aboard the YouFish TV 620 Bar Crusher, they had a terrific night with Gummys of a massive size.

How lucky are these two love beasts to have a hand in landing this true thumpbeast!!

Think Big & Southern Fishing Tuition Guide Sessions:

Friday afternoon saw Bill out with Shaun on Western Port & after some guidance on bait collection it was off to tune up the sounder aboard Bills boat prior to putting all the theory into practice.

Sounding up some solid arches off Hastings, Bill soon had some rod buckling action using the Shimano Ian Miller Revolution T-Curves on Snapper.


Once again the Gamakatsu 6/0 Circle Hook, Lumo Bead & Fresh Squid Ring combo proves 'fruitfull'

 Bill was also fortunate enough to nail this greedy pig Whiting of 40cm's taken on a Gamakatsu 6/0 Circle Hook!

Friday eve: Meeting up with Adam & Cane at Stony Point, we soon were off for a session. Sounding up some quality marks in the Rhyll area, The guys got amongst some very good eating size Gummy Shark, just as a storm decided to come barging through.



Soon after this storm was upon us a rod buckles strongly to the weight of a good fish.


At 80cm & around the 7kg mark it was a great Snapper for Adam.


Think Big! Bigtime Charter Sat Morning: Regular Client Mr Fisho's John "Silverfox" Woodward was pleased with this lump Snapper taken on a squid ring near Corinella late on Sat morning, The result of taking the time to first find some fresh Squid baits certainly paid off as it always usually does.Another Circle Hook Snapper taken on Fresh Squid bait.

Winga also found some quality Snapper for his friends Keryn Young and Dean from Austruck Bodies.  They found the action on the south side of French Island near Ram Island on Saturday the 4th while fishing in the YouFish TV 620 Barcrusher.

This handsome 7kg plus fish above engulfed his first bait just mere minutes after having it lowered to the bottom. Once again the effectiveness of the Mac Flasha rig has proven it's worth.


Think Big! Bigtime Charter Sat Arvo: Client Neil & his friends could hardly have expected to know what was instore for them as the sun slowly dropped on Saturday evening.

The Rhyll area was once again the scene for a session of mad rod buckling line, reel screaming action.

With a bite of near 4 hours, these guys had the time of their lives with quality Snapper to 4kg eagerly engulfing the Fresh Squid baits I had set.

In all there was well over 30 Snapper landed with many fish released by these guys.


Think Big! Bigtime Charter Sunday Morning: Matt & crew were soon cruising over to the French Island region and after a few small salmon had been secured by a small slice lure bounced under the boat. We had some top quality Fresh bait. Although things were a bit slow, I knew that we'd soon see some action after the area I'd sounded up on displayed good marks.Matt holding a lovely quality Snapper of 5kg plus taken on Fresh Squid (again)!!

Think Big! Bigtime Charter Sun Eve with Compleat Angler Crew: Chris Forstner & crew were pretty revved up for a session on the Snapper & after explaining we had a good chance for a larger fish, we soon set off to a mark. In a howling Easterly wind that gusted easily over 30knots at times, we had our work cut out maintaining a good spread of rods with the very trying conditions, but we pressed on!!

As the tide was nearing the change a solid bend, that yielded little line was the call for fish on!!

This fish was obviously weighty, but didn't take off vast amounts of line as per usual. In fact we had called it for a large Gummy Shark as it was swimming well up current before we finally sighted it on the surface.

Big Pete Brewer aka 'Stroker' with his PB for W'Port Snapper. What is it with clients we have with the sirname 'brewer'? Seems they all find themsleves attached to large fish when out with Think Big!

To say we were happy is an understatement as this fish had proven the old adage.

Think Big! always & the 'fruits' will come your way. This fine Snapper was again just over the 80cm mark & around the 7kg plus weight range.

A big thank you also to Chris Forstner for the excellent deckhand work, was very handy in the trying conditions mate.

Whiting are Biting & Fighting!!

The new benchmark seems to have been set recently with Think Big! Client 'Glenn' showing us all what is available from now onwards until winter.

At 50cm's your going to need a wrist brace after a session on these Fumphas!

All areas of Western Port are producing great Whiting to 50cm's as can be seen above.

Now is the time to book your Whiting Charter as it's going to be a bumper fumpha season on these terrific fish that are as good as any other species we target.

Fresh bait will be a key ingredient on these charters with an emphasis on explaining the 'how to's' on Whiting while you are out on a charter with us.

Pair of elbow slappers taken in the clear water regions near Cat Bay

Calamari, Rock Flathead & Whiting, Food for the Table !!

Fresh Mussels are an obvious winner !!

SECRET SILVER - never have two words meant so much. 

We've been sitting on this for quite some time but finally can tell the story of these two blokes Alf and Clinton.  Last year these fellas booked with Think BIG to go out and learn the ropes on how to catch Western Port mulloway with Winga.  The charter was a tuition style charter and we took them on a tour of every spot and location we know and also went through bait presentations, tides, weather and all the intricacies involved in mulloway fishing.  They were then set free onto Western Port to put into practice what they paid to learn and just on 12 months later with some 20 odd trips under their belt they finally landed what can only be described as a MEGA JEW.  Troy their mate aka Mialla has also been putting in some huge hours after he did a mulloway tuition charter with us aswell.  Together the lads have all been very focussed as a group, not to forget very secretive.  Mialla was sitting only 20 mts away when this fish took a tiny squid bait after a couple of nibbles.  He filmed it and Winga filmed the subsequent interview with the lads in a shopping mall carpark in Pearcedale at 3am in the morning.   We would like to say a BIG CONGRATS to Clinton, Alf and Mialla, and thanks for keeping in touch and gving us weekly updates on all your highs and lows.

Alf and Clinton, one team, one dream.


Well the photos say it all, they are still about in good numbers in Western Port.  If you want to target them then feel free to book a squid charter any time.  Special after work afternoon rates apply.


Until next report, Cheers & Thanks.


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