Snapper, Gummy & School Shark

Here's a run down on charters for the past few days.

Wednesday 24th November Western Port Charter:

Empty ramps & washing machine conditions on arrival at Stony Point,
would have stopped many fisho's in their tracks.
However we knew better, with a peaking tide and 20knots plus of Nth Westerly behind it, the sit would be good once we had settled.

With a feeling that things would improve, a drop in the wind prior to this rain hitting Melbourne, we soon had good action our Charter boat.

 Multiple hookup's were pretty common & the excitement on the clients faces was pretty obvious.

    This guy hails from the New York area in the U.S.A & had a great time getting into a hotbite on these quality Snapper.  Think Big can be seen in the distance here and had the good fortune of an excitable Greek guy onboard who had us all laughing alot with his comments as he hooked up on Snapper.

Even I managed a small fish for a pic :)

 Note the perfect corner of the jaw hinge hookup, That's why we endorse the use of a 'SINGLE' circle hook.

In all we bagged nicely with Snapper up to 4.5kg & other than a dusk attack from Sand-flies when the wind dropped right out before a Westerly came through with a vengeance, All Clients had a great time.


Thursday 26th November Western Port Charter

An ideal evening saw 'Larry's Crew' out on Western Port yesterday around 5.00pm
Bait was on the agenda first up, with a drop on some reliable squid grounds.
Anchoring in 2.5mtr's a berley trail soon had the desired effect with a number of good Calamari landed by the clients.
While there I noticed some distant Terns wheeling and dropping in flight quickly,
along with that "We are chasing Salmonized regurgitated & harassed Whitebait & Anchovy high pitched shrill call"... ;)

Moving over to this activity, we soon had a few good sized Salmon taken on both Tilsan Diving lures & Halco slices.
(Must make up some hand lines with daisy chain occy setups)... :D

So we are set, the guys have learnt a heap of technique on bait catching & are keen for some action.
A drop off Hastings found Snapper going well.Once those delectable fresh squid strips go over, a 5 min period of water permeation and the rods start loading.

Similar to the last few sessions, these fish really power off after hookup.Multi hook up's were often in the fading light, This made the guys pretty stoked with the constant action.A Triple Banga on the W'Port Ranga, Didn't get time to eat my sanga :D

As the tide was almost ebbed for the evening, a decision to do some serious sounding before laying down
some quality bait caught 2 hours earlier was eagerly agreed to by all of Larry's crew.

You know what the biggest problem is at the moment in Western Port ?
Sounding over 1.8km's of 3 to 4kg Snapper every 15mtrs, no kidding folks, there is a lot of fish about in so many areas.
Eventually I find a good mark & re confirm it twice before anchoring & settling in for the night.
Tides just licking in and will gain momentum in the next 25 mins...'Prime' :D

I kid you not, 38.4 seconds after the first Salmon bait goes in, we all look at a rod that appears to be snagged....
Just bent over, sitting there, I'm like ok, I'll just relieve it from the bottom and recast...'Wrong' :shock:
Meanwhile under water in 11mtrs a B52 Bomber sized Eagle Ray has clearance from control tower for take off...
And doesn't it get
Eventually its boatside, all 30 plus kg's of bluespotted, furrowed brow, wings slapping on the water Eagle Ray.
This occurs a number of times over the next hour & a half or so...

Then we have a much more welcome take & I call it for a Gummy, sure enough a lovely Mustelus smoothly cruises in & is a most welcome addition to the guys bag of Snapper. 
Cleaning this Gummy I find the head of a Yellow Eye Mullet that would have been easily 25-30cm's when it was happily swimming along the middle bank before being engulfed...
Like I've said many times before to everyone. Mullet are a very under rated bait.

Over the next hour or so 2 more Gummy's are landed around the same size 6/8kg.
All on Salmon baits.

Soon its close to 3am & the guys are very very content with the evenings action as there wasn't too long a period in all area's
we fished between bites.

26th November Friday- Kmart Annual Snapper Trip:

Friday evening saw a crew aboard BIGTIME at Patterson river for a crack on the Snapper.

With an approaching front very visible & txt messages coming through from mates that it was raining heavily in parts of melbourne we set out to the Seaford area.

A few cubes offered up once the baits were set soon saw the first of some good eating size Snapper.

Your On !!

This aggressive little Snapper was a hit for the guy holding it as he landed it on a 30 year old telescopic rod he takes everywhere with him (fish was released of course)

Another brigthly hued Snapper form Port Phillip Bay

Rod Bending action & check out the amazing colors of an approaching storm front.

Not long now until the next rod folds away & over !

Matt Wales who organised this group of co workers & even had time for a quick pic, while taking a break from his excellent skills as deckhand & mentor to the rest of the crew.

Well done & Thanks Matt

28th Sunday Western Port Morning Charter:

With a hearty offering of 25knot winds from the sth west & angled wind driven rain we set off from Stony Point. Settling in to an area of reasonable shelter near Rhyll, the trap was set with fresh baits on a set of 5 rods.

The Shimano Ian Miller PPB Revolution T-Curves have been a great addition to the tackle line up on Think Big Charters

Melinda Rutland all rugged up with a plump fresh Snapper taken on a Squid Ring Bait.

Soon after a reel signals there is something large & strong on the other end.

Client Chris Parry is on strike & it's immediately apparent we have a very good fish on.

Repeated large knocks on the rod tip during this 10 min struggle has all other rods removed to guard against loss. I've called it as a large Gummy. Soon we are all to witness one of Western Ports piscatorial pinnacles. A large School Shark comes into view and without to much fuss is landed safely.

Chris Parry with his PB School Shark taken on Squid & using a single 6/0 Gamakatsu Circle Hook

He was using one of the Revolution T-Curves and I must say that they have so far turned out to be more than capable of holding their own against Western Ports Red & Grey brigade, not to mention those smooth skinned bait stealing powerhouses, Eagle Rays.

28th Sunday Western Port Afternoon Charter:

Well that wind just didn't let up & a decision to try some other more distant areas was made.

Eagle Rays were becoming a nuisance as well as other assorted uglies such as Port Jackson Sharks etc. Moving back to the Hastings area & some adjustments with a drogue parasail to counteract the wind against tide conditions proved helpful.

Soon we had a brief bite on plump school sized Snapper

Aggressive hits were typical.

 Single Circle Hook & Glow Bead, A sure fire winner for Snapper everywhere !




Maria fighting her Snapper, then comparing sizes with Pappa below very own Colsa aka Colin Sires displaying 2 of his amazing catch and release session on the reds.

Colin and regular customer John shared ThinkBIG! for the afternoon during a hot bite totaling 48 snapper too 6.2kg keeping there bag and releasing the rest.



Nick came out with us recently bringing to Mates on board ThinkBIG! firstly off to the bait grounds for some Squid. Then to there supprise the First two rods produced this great pair of snapper.

They also enjoyed bagging out and releasing quite a few more reds to boot. 



Young Rohan was out on ThinkBIG! with Dad and family on a male bonding trip, being the youngest, he was quick to show the others how he can hold his own.

Like lightning he was onto the rods bagging him self out in no time at all then taking the luxry of ThinkBIG's cabin for a 1hr snooze. 


Father and son team up with a couple of mates on the reds having a ball despite the rain catching some 5kg plus snapper and a feed of table size gummys too.

Good mates Matt Cato and Travis Dennelly jump on board ThinkBIG! taking advantage of the hotbites and some fine weather, first of all catching some cracking squid with Cato getting his pb of a 43cm hood then too the snapper where they bagged the boat with ease on the reds using 140mm squidgy flick baits in pillie pattern.

Not to let the night go by heading into the shallows in surch of bigger models they both caught a quality table size gummy each.


Shaun (Fruity)





Reds and Subs

Well what a hetic month it has been with both boats working the snapper have been coming aboard strong, and the great news is all skippers in both bays have been getting into the action.

With the tempreture building in portphillip the fish have really started to fire, and Westernport has not stopped for the last 6 weeks now.



 Dave Standing 


As usual Winga fished in the Tea Tree snapper comp.  This time he had 4yo Fin Wing onboard and Dave Standing aka RobsMob.  On the day the big fish eluded them but as a consolation prize the boys did have the single hottest Western Port session ever boating exactly 50 snapper to 6.1kgs in just 3.5 hours.  Not little pinkies either, the fish averaged 3-5kgs and every single fish was taken on the flood tide out from Corinella on fresh squid.   Dave caught the biggest fish and Fin caught 5 on his own and fished hard all day. He is the new rod grabber.  







Even on the falling barrometer we have expereinced huge hauls of snapper, with bagging out in ease then releasing for some extra fun.


Not to be out Done Matt Cust nailed a red on a metal Vibe lure 

ThinkBIG charters took the step to circle hooks recently and has not looked back with less fish lost and more ease in releasing fish, we take great care in releasing our fish making sure they are strong and healthy to breed and fight another day.

There has been some great gummys while Snapper fishing with fish pushing the 20kg bracket.



Also in the last week there has been some huge schools of Salmon in the north arm which have been a great way to start the afternoon charters and get fresh bait for the trip.

Middle spit and Tankerton is starting to produce whiting, and the squid are still going strong through out the port.

For this month and next we will be doing after work specials 4hr Charters out of Carrum and Hastings

For $90 per head targeting Whiting and Snapper  launching at 6pm ring for dates and details


Egi Egi Egi Red Red RED!

Spring is here and the birds are singing, more importantly so are our reels. In the last few weeks ThinkBIG!has been getting our customers onto quality captures of Squid and Snapper. On a few occasions whilst the squid have been so good we have ended up there 6hrs trips with some quality bags of Whiting in the southern end of PortPhillip. Fishing out of both Portphillip and Westernport we have been enjoying the benfits of sharing each others knowledge and keeping customers very happy. The big squid will continue through untill early December, so get your crews together and give us a call.



Calamarie Nutter Fred stoked with his PB beast taken off Portsea.


Pat D'silva with a monster birthday Squid

  Now that the water has started to warm up Western port has started to produce the goods with the quality fish it's renowned for, check this out!



Good mates Tom and Ben got into the action with ThinkBig and both got there personal best reds.



 Birthday Girl Naterlie Sonneman with a quality early season Red

 Nick Sonneman AKA 'Banana Boy' Dispells the bad luck theory


Whilst Snapper fishing in Westernport we are also getting some quality table size gummys too!




This week Winga and crew go in search of early season snapper on WP.. Tune into C31 at 730pm Thursday night.   Visit for more info



Not to be out done Shaun Furtiere got into the action with a quality red in Portphillip.

With the tempreture nearly where all us snapper fisho's love now is the time to book so you won't miss out.

Come and see how we do it, get step by step knowledge on how to find and target Snapper or large Squid, with melbournes Premier charter boat service


A New season arrives and we have been busy

 A long time between reports, but we have not been idle, in fact flat out comes to mind.


During that week they caught many different species but the stand outs were 25kg Samson fish and 18kg Kingfish on Knife jigs.  Yes filmed!




Not to be out done Winga, Tim Haw along with Rodney Gilham headed to Eagle Hawk neck with the aim to beat his last Bluefin on a Stella and try some new things. Well the Youfish camera did not miss again and not only did they capture record numbers of Bluefin they got them on stick baits too.

Plus one heck of a tuna, in fact the 116kg tuna is biggest Southern Bluefin Tuna to be caught on spin gear in the world, and all on camera for us to enjoy!  Stuart Nichols and his son Lachi hosted those episodes with the boys. 

With the on set of Winter we did what we do best and that's Squid fish, Winga caught up with rod builder Ian Miller and Shimano man Colin Tannahill to help nut out the new Shimano sephia rods and got into some squid with the new Sephia exile jigs.

While on the subject of the site make sure you check out the all new YouFishTV website gallery where we have a full set of images of the Bar Crusher 620 fishing machine. Eventually we will be also offering Forums and video galleries and music players and all sort of goodies but for now you can visit our online store, and gear and episode pages and the Red Rooster It's gotta be red comp.  

We have filmed most of series 3 of YouFishTV and it just keeps getting better, we will not wreck it for you by saying too much but WOW.  YouFishTV is also now on in SYDNEY and ADELAIDE along with MELBOURNE.  Check our website for air times.

In August Winga, Peter Ferguson headed to Eden and caught up with tackle shop local Michael Mashado, who took the guys in the YouBoat  Bar Crusher 620C down to Green Cape where they tangled with 5-6kg Kingfish on ultra light gear and squidgy plastics. Yet again the Flickbaits showing their out standing performance on Kingfish.



Think Big! Charters also took out the MrFisho squid comp with some beast squid measuring up to 54cm hoods, and has been getting the customers onto great bags every trip.

As spring is now upon us Think BIG Charters has been catching monster spring squid.  However the best squidding is still ahead of us. in October last year we absolutely smashed them in both bays, just visit our squid gallery to see what we are talking about.  And the best thing is we do all our squid charters without baits and use nothing but lures.  The new Sephia jigs are always on board to try. 




It's only a matter of time and the water temperature will be right and the Snapper will be taking over the ports.  Until then remember not to burn yourself out fishing too hard while the water is still very cold.  Remember the story of the young bull and the old bull, or the tortoise and the hair?  Well save your energy and put some time in now getting ready and or collecting bait.  The big beasts will be here sure enough and there will be NO stopping those who wait and choose their trips wisely.   If you have to fish then make sure you hit the water when the barometer is high and still rising just after a south westerly starts to ease with morning being the best time early season. 

Here's a reminder for those who forgot what it is that we do that's so different.  Mega snapper in Melbourne.

Bookings are going fast so don't miss out getting on board with Melbourne's Premier Charter boats. So if its on your mind to book then do it soon.

Take care and ThinkBIG!


Winga & Fruits


THINK BIG everywhere....

It's been a few weeks since our last report with so many things happening...Our boat Think Big! has been running out in both bays and has been doing very well on mixed bags of whitting, pinkie snapper, elephant shark and gummies, plus an abundance of squid.  In fact the squid fishing has been a highlight with massvie bags a daily norm.

Now that the water tempreture is on the decrease this squid fishing will go from strength to strength.  The whiting too will go crazy and the best thing about autumn whiting, the average size of the fish is much bigger. Autumn snapper are coming on the bite now too and by next report we should have news of fish ranging 4-9kgs from both bays.  If this sounds like something you want to experience then contact us asap as they wont be around for long, late May at best.


For a few days there we thought the gummies had packed up and left but the good news is we were wrong and the gummies are still going strong in both WP and PPB.  ThinkBIG is still the queen of the fleet when it comes to gummies and proved herself yet again when she took out first and second biggest gummies in the first ever Catch and Release Gummy comp.  The comp called the MrFisho Think FUTURE comp was held on March 13-14th and was a huge success, lots of fun was had, lots of fish were caught and the best part is all the big girls were put back by the field after a quick pic on our Think BIG brag mats.  Thinks BIG's two best fish came in at 16 and 18kgs, not bad considering there was some tough competition on the water that weekend and fishing was generally considered slow.

So now that both bays firing again we will have more happy customers cuddling fish of their dreams in the coming weeks.  Here's some of the pics of this months action, and as you can see the BIG GUMMIES are still about.







Higgs with his comp winning 18kg female gummy shark.  He was rewarded twice, once by seeing her swim off and then again on the dais receiving prizes.  





There are bazillions of these weird and wonderful things about at the moment and they are providing alot of action and fun for families and kids.  

WINGA does the south pacific.

Winga recently headed to New Caledonia with Luke Wyrsta and together they hooked up with some of the best GT fishermen on the planet David and Rudy from a tackle store called Le Possoin Banane or LPB or the fish banana... google it up. .  The goal, to film the world's biggest GT's for an upcoming DVD and some TV shows.  The goal was to catch 50kg fish on poppers and stick baits and as you can see they pulled it off.  These fish are amongst the hardest fighting fish on the planet and require super tackle to defeat.  Locked drag Stella 20000SW on 60kg Fisherman rods armed with 170lb varivas braid usually does the trick but not always as Winga learnt when he was beaten big time in open water by an absolute beast of a fish that would've been bigger than any of these pictured.  In all, the boys were ecstatic with their results and the mission was accomplished thanks to Luke, David and Rudy and their skills.  Winga says GT popping is the most physically demanding form of fishing he has ever experienced, he was a wipe out after every day.  Keep an eye out for the DVD it will be called GIANT.






Now that the water has dropped in the port the school sharks have turned up again. 


Regan Fished with Good mate Charlie "Chill" Mariner, Chill Landing a 15kg Schoolshark in the Western Channel

Winga and Sean Furtiere tried some new spots only to be bitten off by some great fish.  So Sean went back out again on his next charter and what do you know...  he did it too. 

Our up and coming skipper Sean Furtiere with the aid of the new Gummy Gotcha MkII landed this 17kg school shark during the Gummy Comp aboard BIG Time.  Well done to Sean and crew, its a species that has eluded Winga so far this season. 


Winga took delivery of the new YouFishTV boat this week, a 620C Barcrusher.  He was joined on his maiden voyage on Western Port by long time mate Scott McNab and Port Phillip snapper man Bill Dakis.  The boys went looking for snapper off Lysaghts, however the script had already been written and before long a rod loaded up and the line took off northward with the flood tide.   Winga called it straight up, and sure enough after a great battle on 7kg outfit, a GREAT GREY SUB of approx 18-19kgs came alongside.  With no suitable net or gaff the boys just lead it by the trace boatside while they talked about it to the camera. After about 3 minutes of these games the fish shook its head, spat the hooks and cruised away into the depths.  It was a great sight and great feeling to know the new boat has the charms to lure up big fish.  Time for the YOU BOAT to get a net tho!

620C in Black...


Visit to see more about the model... 


ABT Bream champion Warren Carter

Our good mate and fellow Salty Dog Films team member Warren Carter recently fished the Australian Bream Tourny at Mallacoota against an elite filed of anglers from around the country.  Warren came from behind on the second day to land an impressive 10 fish bag of 9.29kgs on lures to take out 1st place.  It is a well deserved win as we know how hard Wazza tries and how many hours he puts into bream fishing.  As they say the cream rises to the top and this is a classic example.  Well done!  For those that dont understand the psyche of a bream tourny fisher or significance of this win, let me explain it to you.  It is purely about going head to head with other anglers on a given day and working out a way of outfishing and outsmarting your peers, its a very mentally challenging form of angling.  The fish just happens to be bream.  Warren also landed a 25kg gummy in Western Port recently, which goes to show he hasn't lost his touch on the big fish too.


Brad MacDonald recently fished in the Annual Fishnet State of Origin friendly at Portland and he decided to target sharks instead of Tuna.  His reward, this 200kg mako that went mad.  Check out some of Dan Lee's amazing images Brad supplied for our report.  Cool work lads!  Dan Lee is owner of Peninsula TOTAL TACKLE.



SQUID GOING MAD in Port Phillip. 

We will be doing more squid charters through April aboard our two boats.  Special prices starting at $75 per head will ensure you learn about catching squid on decoy prawn jigs and come home with a bag.  Catching medium sized squid in ridiculous numbers and bagging out the entire boat has been normal on nearly every trip.  Below are some Jarrod 'Paparazzi' Day images.

 Jarrod Day from Cranny tackle.


If you want mulloway then ring us, this is the best time of year to target them in WP, we still have a few boat vacancies on these highly enigmatic fish.  Winga attends all the mulloway trips coz he loves them sooo much and wants to film any that come alongside for YouFishTV.  Ph. 0423 696 061

YouFishTV News from Brendan, Justine and the Think BIG crew.

Hi Guys, The ratings are in and YouFishTV rated number 1 show on the C31 network.  Not just fishing shows but all shows.  It is totally flattering and we would all like to say thankyou for watching we really appreciate your support.  YouFishTV is here to stay, we have the formula just right and season 3 airs later this year.  And when it does you will get to see our new YouFishTV boat.  A Barcrusher 620C decked out to the hilt.  Pics to come soon.  In the meantime check out Andrew Clarke's Adventure Bound on C31 on Tuesday nights featuring our mate Lee Rayner.

We have recently added some clips to YouTube featuring some very special moments from season 2 YoufishTV.  Do yourself a favour and check them out.  Dont think about, go now... and see the Think BIG crew do the unthinkable inclusing pulling off a three way hookup of 10-14.5kg MEGA SNAPPER on soft plastic squidgies.

Also series 2 on DVD is coming soon...


Thats all this time around so until next report... Think BIG... Think FUTURE... and have a meaningful day!

Cheers TBC.