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Report: Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how hot the fishing was going to be these last few weeks.  We've been so busy fishing and filming and generally busting a gut that we havent had time do all our reports, so this week is a bit of catchup. Lets get into the action:

Western Port:  Fishing still hot for school snapper ranging to 2 to 5.5kgs, the best area has been the east arm near Observation Point and Elizabeth Island with the run-out tide and squid baits producing the best results.  Favorite depth for school fish have been 14-16 mts water and as usual we sounding for our fish every trip before we anchor. We've has become very good at doing this lately and it is becoming our text book technique of hunting a bag.

The big snapper are still there and on the limited opportunities we have had to target them we have had snapper to 8.1kgs on more than one occasion. 

As a change of pace we have started spending more time looking for sharks as the big gummies are not far away, and we are still hooking and loosing many toothies, most likely school sharks and now bronzies.  Winga landed a nice 30kg bronze waler that was hooked in the tail.


Large mulloway have continued to bite and for those customers who have backed us to put them onto a fish have not been disappointed with some real brutes showing there ugly faces.  Neil Breward is one lucky man, on one charter he hired for himself he landed two beasts, one fish of 40lbs and another of 60lbs.  Serious fish in anyones terms and they both took fresh squid baits presented on our proto-type flasher rig that is yet to be named.  Basically it is an 7/0 circle hook on 150lb Jinkai.  Best area the Chrome Zone around Corinella.  Secret Silver DVD is full of tips on how to catch these enigmatic, highly-prized fish.

So there you go, amazing fishing and in the last few hours more amazing captures have come to the Think BIG crew but they will have to wait until next weeks report.  Here our some photos from the last two weeks, there are stacks more in the gallery.



Neil Breward and 1.42mtr mulloway taken on squid ring, weighed approx 60.5lbs.

Winga with another jew from same trip this one went 18.1kgs 



Happy customer with nice school snapper!

Happy brothers and their PB.  One wound and one pumped the rod - teamwork! 

First fish from Arno trip - 10.1kgs  

The crow-eaters with the result of 20 minutes fishing at Arno 



Two of the fish from the squidgie triple hookup of monsters. 

Fuzz with his new PB plastic snapper - 14.25kgs or 31.5lbs.  Crazy stuff on 1000 size reel. 

The beast in a 1 mtr long esky. 

Happy Western Port customers, more BIG news from this charter next week. 

Winga and Fuzzell and whopping 10kg Arno Red. 

The big gummies are starting to show up. 14kgs last week.


Big Snapper run continues!!!

Think BIG headed out this week in search of more snapper.  After last week's insane big snapper run we expected yet again to lock horns with some thumpbeasts.  Well thats exactly what happned, with more fish over the 20lb mark coming over the gunwales for our customers.  The best time for the big fish was after dark with all tides producing regular hits.  As usual the best bait was fresh caught squid.  The hottest area was the North Arm anywhere from Hastings to Eagle Rock.  To those customers who believed in us and were prepared to sit out whole tides patiently for one or two possible hits we say thankyou.  You knew there was a chance of going fishless but because you took the gamble (it always is) you were well rewarded with numerous captures of large trophy fish.  Several of which were released.

For our standard daytime gig we landed many snapper this week with many charters bagging out on quality school fish to 6kgs.   This is where the hottest action is found most days; on the large schools of hungry snapper in the east arm.  Best tides this week were run-out in the morning and evening with squid and salmon taking all fish.  There have been no magical GPS marks where we have been getting our bags each day, no, we simply find them every single day through our ever reliable X135 sounder and anchor to them during key feeding periods.  It works well and on many occasions our bag limit haul of snapper was reached at our first anchorage of the charter. There have still been a few periods throughout the day when the reds are NOT feeding, so when this is the case he's been looking to the gummies.  In all we caught over 10 gummy sharks this week, they've been around 5-8kgs.

I have also uploaded some new images of our boat click image below:

Heres a few fishing pics from this week.


Mr Green with his 5.1kg snapper from Rhyll.

5.6kg snapper from Observation Pt, Rhyll.

Wayne from Compleat Angler Ringwood with 9.1kg snapper on charter.

Ian Loft with the Compleat Angler crew's Big Red.

Regan Thompson shouted his workers to a hot session of Silverleaves.

A nice 5.4kg Knobber

 Happy lads.

Fishman84 with his 4kg WP snapper.

Typical school fish like this make up most bags.  Plenty larger tho.

Another nice fish from the East Arm at 4.8kgs.



Winga with a beast that didnt quite make the 20lb mark.

Our good friends from the USA. Drew Greeno Snr and Greeno.


Another beast from the graveyard shift.  This knobber just fell shy of the magical 20lb mark.

Jarrod 'Pap" Day fulfilling extra papal duties aboard Think BIG. 

Fin Wing showing his PB squid.  He showed Gawaine and I up on the day.  Mornington.



Nov112009 First Report

Wonder why our boat is called Think BIG?

We work so hard and suffer so much sleep deprivation and miss our families but this weeks report and images will explain why and let us assure you all the pain is worth it.  Plenty of time for rest later. 

The water temp in the port has lifted from 14 two weeks ago to 20 degrees.  With this has been a massive surge in big fish being caught in the port.  We made it our mission to get our customers onto some of the biggest fish we've ever seen and even had time to get out and have a crack ourselves.  PB's were the order of the week, with Think Big's biggest ever snapper taking the cake at 10.35kgs, awesome considering it was a male fish.  Traditionally we try to release such beautiful fish but this big boy was gut hooked so we decided to keep him.  On that night we got 4 big fish, 1 for each person on the boat to take home.

We also got into some nice mulloway to 11.8kgs for our customers and got our hearts broken yet again by some big school sharks nearing 25kgs.  We will get them soon.  Nearly all of the action was recorded for YouFishTV and here are some shots from the week we have now dubbed Freak Week.  Best moons have been any, locations have been everywhere from east to west to south and north, seriously, tides both flood and ebb and the bait, well the only bait, fresh squid every time.  Depth consistently shallow for big fish.

Now is the time to book if you want monster snapper, jew or school shark, DO NOT HESITATE, CALL NOW!

Cheers Winga  

Rosey from Mr Fisho with a nice charter jew. 






Regan Thompson 7.2kgs

Winga and some secret silver, very apt description this week.


Customers from sydney nudge 20lbs. 



Father and son share a moment. 

Nadia hired the boat for herself and partner at Tea Tree 


Winga 8.5kgs 

Mr Fisho crew on charter  


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