There is no-one that does Western Port mulloway like Think BIG. Mulloway are the most difficult species in Melbourne and require a very strict approach if they are to be caught consistently.

So make sure you get the service you pay for and deserve by booking with us. Think BIG has an unequalled track record on these highly enigmatic fish and our legacy goes back over 10 years.

The experience I offer you has only come through hours of hours of dedication, all you need to do to access this info is to book with us and and get onboard. 

If it's Secret Silver you want then call Skipper Shaun Furtiere on 0423 696 061.

Not only do I offer you a realistic shot at catching one of these elusive beasts on charter, you'll be shown secrets needed for success.

Nearly every past client has gone on to catch their own mulloway and some of them have been very big. Our best mulloway from Western Port so far on the coota craft is 31kg & just shy of 70lbs, but most fish encountered will range 7 to 20kgs. 

Check out our mulloway page in the photo gallery to see these mighty fish.

We depart from Stony Point Boat Ramp for Western Port mulloway charters.

Click here to see the Think BIG mulloway gallery



For ALL mulloway pricing email Shaun at:

MULLOWAY: Ph 0423 696 061

IMPORTANT: Others may claim to offer you mulloway as a service but the reality is they simply dont have the credentials to do the job right.

Sure our service is NOT CHEAP but we are the real deal, the original BIG THINKERS, and you get what you pay for.