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Think BIGGER than ever!

There have been some massive changes at Think BIG this past month with some of our crew moving on.  Sometimes a change is exactly what is needed to pump new energy and life into an already proven business to see it surge forward to new frontiers.  And that is exactly the case with the recent changes here at TBC.  I am proud to announce that our very popular and long-time skipper Shaun Furtiere has now bought into the TBC business and will now running the show fulltime. Shaun has proven himself over a very long time to be everything we need and want at TBC.  He is honest, hard working and professional.  But not only is he that, he is a highly experienced fisho who is as good as anyone we've ever had on the team.  His specialty is KG whiting, gummy sharks and snapper but he's pretty damn hot at tuna and squid too and his results over the past seasons have been absolutely first class.  Big fish and lots of them!  Shaun isn't just a gun fisho/skipper either he is also a wealth of knowledge when comes to boating, tackle and electronics and is genuinely excited about sharing all of it with those who ask, a trait that has made him a very popular with our customers.  IMO Shaun is a self-made man who is now realizing his dream of being a charter owner/operator because he wanted it more than anything, made sacrifces, survived adversity and finally because he earnt it after many years of loyal, hard work in the fishing tackle trade.  Well done mate, it's your turn to shine, now go knock 'em dead.

Here's to you Thinking BIG, Winga.