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Australian Egi Tournament Round 1 Hastings Vic

This weekend saw Winga & his fishing keen son Fin team up with Think Big! Team member Joe Fernand aboard the YOUFISH TV 620 Barcrusher.

The scene was set at Hastings harbour for Round 1 of the Australian Egi Tournament.

Competing against 15 other teams in round 1 of this catch & release Squid Tournament.

Below is a summary of how things panned out during the comp.

Sat 25th June:

Very proud of the boy today!

Fin got 3 of our 4 squid which was good enough to sit us (Team Shimano Bar Crusher) 2nd on the leaderboard at the end of day 1 only 100 gms behind the leading team of Little Hooker.

As teams arrived to weigh the position of 'first place' changed 3 times before the boys from little hooker finished the day off in first with a close follow into second with Team Shimano/Barcrusher with young 5 year old Finn claiming the heaviest squid in the bag for his team !!

Tomorrow is another day tho and the Aust Egi Tournament could still be won by anyone and man it's gonna be rough! We used Shimano Sephia jigs in size 3.0 - 3.5. Thanks Joseph Fernand for your patient camera work. Think BIG!

Sun 26th June:

Pushed as hard as I could for Fin today in some shocking conditions and did no good.

At no stage did he lose focus or give up, not once. My hero.

We finished 5th and Congrats to Team Little Hooker on winning the first WP Egi tourny. Thanks for all the encouragement over past few days cheers the Wing Boys.

Great to see a bit of interest from the local fisho's who had never seen an event like this before and the attraction of the 2 x 1000 litre tanks was a fair spectacle for the few who came past.

All Squid captured were weighed in Live & released soon after, with 100% success rate.

A proud moment for a very happy father with son 'Fin' 


In closing I'd just like to say that this professionally organised Egi Tournament was run very well & is a credit to the hard work of people like Paul Carter for doing many many hours of hard work to organize this event. Thanks also to Joe Fernand for the dilligence & camera work in some ordinary weather conditions.


Winga & 'TB' Crew