TV and Radio news:

YouFishTV season 2 is now running on Digital TV in Melbourne 7pm Saturday nights on C31, tune into Channel 44 to see Winga in action.  Adelaide are also running season 2 in analogue at 6.30pm Friday nights.

Season 3 is coming first week of September 2010.  Mad action coming.



Stop the ban on mako fishing!

Make no mistake people our fishing future is ON THE LINE and I am calling upon you to fight! 




As 29th of January 2010 recreational anglers will no longer be able to fish for, or keep, mako sharks in Australian waters.  In my opinion this Rudd government decision has been made with haste and has not taken into account any of the scientific evidence that suggests that our stocks of this species are in no way related to those that are in decline in the Mediterranean Sea. The only thing they have in common is a name and because that name is one of the many species listed on the EPBC act they have automatically been banned outright.  This is not right, this was not the intention of the EPBC act, the correct path should have been to consult the stake holders (us) through our peak bodies and devise a management plan to prevent the numbers of such species ever reaching a point where fishing bans were the required to keep the resource sustainable.  However this consultation never took place and mako sharks were coldly and swiftly listed for NO TAKE at the stroke of Peter Garrett's pen.  The reason they didn’t consult us was simple, they received the advice that there would be NO social or economic impact from such a ban.  A notion that simply defies belief, talk about the height of ignorance. The impact on both fronts will be huge, make no mistake.


Australian rec anglers have a history of taking steps to protect their own resource from overfishing, we do not need to be told what to do by those who understand very little about the sea and its creatures.  We self regulate well and already consult and work with our fisheries departments to create and maintain effective bag and size limits well before we put any of our fisheries under pressure or into decline.  Snapper limits and sizes in Victoria are a classic example, we initiated talks with fisheries and brought about major changes to keep this resource sustainable for many years to come.  Mind you that work may well be undone if that dredge keeps raping Port Phillip Bay and interferes with their spawning.  Mako sharks have never been targeted by us for any changes as from all evidence they are prolific in number and are under very little pressure from the recreational sector in this country.  So this Garrett decision really smarts when you consider that commercial fishermen will still be allowed to kill and keep mako sharks in Australian waters after we are banned.  What a joke.  Also countries that are not signatories like Japan will continue to kill and fin millions of these sharks every year. 


It gets worse. Extreme green groups like Humane Society International (HSI) and PETA have made it their cause to stop rec fishing in Australia and they are the ones pushing for this ban to happen.  The thing that is of great concern about this is they seem to have the Labour government in their pocket.  How is such an extreme minority able to wield such power?  Well, the reasons are not very clear, but one theory is the trading of preferential votes, the green groups have plenty of them and the labour government wants them, but who really knows what happens behind the closed doors when our rights are being discussed.  Major groups like fishers are rarely welcome or present at such meetings.  The green groups are only getting started too, the mako sharks are only the first on a very long list of fish they want to ban us fishing for.  What's next?  Bluefin tuna?  Marlin? Snapper? 




All it not lost, we can still turn this around.  So whether you fish for mako sharks or not it is absolutely imperative you act NOW to defend your rights as democratic Australians. This decision affects you and it should have only been made after consulting with you after proper assessment of the issue and its impact.  It's all just a big slap in the face from our so-called elected leaders, and the latest news I've just heard is that they believe we will do nothing about it and its going to be a cake walk for them.


Well if this makes you feel angry and you want to do something about it then ring and write to MP Garret and PM Rudd and express exactly how you feel.  Let them know you exist and your views matter and they stand to lose your vote come election time.  This is the only currency they deal in, not wrongs or rights, votes!  So get on the phone and keyboard and give it to them!!!


Here are the numbers and addresses you need:


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's office:  Phone (02) 6277 7700


Environment Minister Peter Garrett's office: Phone (02) 6277 7640 or email:  Peter.Garrett.MP@aph.gov.au


Also contact your local, state and federal members and express your views.  The more they hear it the more they will take notice, it's not too late, we just have to act strongly and swiftly and be very loud.  Go people GO!


Have a meaningful day, Winga.




Winga is doing a Think BIG talk

This Wednesday night 20th Jan 2010 at 6.30pm.  Location BCF Mornignton to discuss the fish we target on charter and techniques used to get them.  Call BCF asap if you want to be there.   Also attending Ben Sculllen VRFish discussing mako ban, and Darren Dizzy Borg Bream champ.


R.I.P Corrie Banks

Just received some news and I feel the need to share it and express my feelings. Feel free to do the same.

Corrie Banks passed away tonight after fairly short battle with cancer. unhappy-fish.gif

Many will remember Corrie from his days on SEN radio with Glen Knight and the JV team. And many others will also know him from his tenure at JV Marine as a new boat salesman. His lifetime's list of his accomplishments was great and included many awards thanks to his valuable contributions to recreational fishing and boating. He was a keen game fisherman in his day and was well respected by his peers in this field.

Corrie was a friend of mine. I met him when I started at JV some 7 years ago as a rookie salesman, and from day one he mentored me and supported me morally when the going got tough in my own turbulent life. The thing I remember most was his wicked sense of humour, some say twisted, but there was much more to him than laughs. He was wise and generously shared what he knew with anyone who asked. I am really glad I met Corrie, and I am glad to have received his advice, and I am honoured to say he was my friend.

Corrie, farewell old mate I hope you can get some well earned rest now.

My deepest sympathies to your closest love ones.

Sadly, Winga.

PS I have no other information yet for those who would like to pay last respects etcetera.


YouFishTV season two starts next week.

Dont miss the Think BIG crew on YouFishTV season 2.  It starts next week on December 10, thats Thursday night at 7.30pm prime time Melbourne, channel 31. 


Channel 31 gets Digital Licence Approval

About time too, this means C31 will now on par with all the other network stations and be sitting on the dial of every set-top box Down Under.  This means you will be able to watch Think BIG at work in high quality weeknights on YouFishTV.  Transmission will start mid next year.  Visit www.youfishtv.com.au



Think BIG goes online!

Welcome to the new Think Big Charters website!  This is the new multimedia centre that will broadcast every significant event in our fishing world. Whether it be action aboard our highly-mobile beast of a charter boat, or the latest reports from our vast network of friends including those on YouFishTV, you will read about it or see it here first.  We feel we have the right people, technology and support to make sure of it.  So have a click around and check out the site but keep in mind its only day one and that the mightiest of oaks all came from the tiniest of acorns.

Thinking BIG as usual,


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